2015 Meeting Recaps

Meeting Recap: July 2015

This is the third in a series of Alliance Council meeting recaps.

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By Karl Picard

July 20th, 2015

July’s Alliance Council meeting was designated for Council business, without outside guests.  There were four main areas of discussion for the night: the visibility team and promotion of the council, supporter group recognition and the role the council plays in that process, community involvement, and the GM Vote and Recall process negotiations (ongoing).

On the supporter group recognition front we focused on Bylaw 7 of the Alliance Constitution. The discussion focused around the fact that with the current language, the Council could remove recognition of a supporter group without cause or criteria.  It was explained that Bylaw 7 was originally added to provide criteria for recognition, so that the Club could recognize “supporter groups” consistently. This was a concern since supporter “groups” wanted access to Cascadia away match tickets. There will be more fine-tuning of the bylaw changes with a vote on those changes scheduled for the August meeting.

Next up was the visibility group, which is focused on ways to promote the Council.  We have been working on being more active on social media outlets as well as publishing some blog posts and these Council meeting recaps.  We are in need of more people willing to help out as Alliance Council is a volunteer effort, check out a recent blog post on this request.  If you have some ideas on what we can do to improve our brand and work better for the Alliance let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments.

Within the area of community involvement, we discussed the scarf vote and the Rave Green Run . The 2016 scarf competition:  design submissions will be in September with voting on the finalists in October – so it’s time to get those ideas fired up! The Sounders have a few community efforts coming up, the big one is the Aug 9th  Rave Green Run, complete with viewing party afterwards for the LA game.  Be sure to look for these and other community events on Twitter and Facebook.

Lastly, our main discussion was centered on the GM Vote and Recall Process negotiations. We are working with the Front Office on updating the Charter regarding the vote to ensure the terms are clear, and the Alliance retains the power to recall a current General Manager. We also strive to ensure that what we create will never be in the way of the Club to recruit top talent for that role.  Look for more to come on that in the coming months.