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Meeting Recap: September 2015

This is the fifth in a series of Alliance Council meeting recaps.

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By Karl Picard

September 15th, 2015

There were no guests at this month’s meeting. We mainly discussed current events like the scarf design contest and season ticket renewals as well as business around the bylaws. The meeting took place at The Ninety with 15 people in attendance.

Hopefully, most of you have seen the scarf design contest is open for submissions. Final day to get them in is today.  The Alliance Council scarf committee will then review the submissions and determine the finalists. The voting for the scarf is scheduled to be 10/2 – 10/9, not much time so be sure to get your vote in. The weight of the scarf will be influenced by the design and ultimately the club has that final decision.  This is to ensure that the final selection meets all  of the criteria for the production and legal standards.

Season ticket renewals are also currently in full swing. The last day to renew is 9/18.  You should have noticed the opportunity to “renew for life” – Sounders ‘Til I Die. This is really a minor change and hopefully for the better. Since most renew each year, you may now auto renew, and if you decide that you no longer want to do that, just notify your ticket rep and you can opt out of the upcoming season. There were a few from the Alliance Council that reached out to current season ticket holders to discuss their renewals; they were able to help with any questions.  Hopefully they got to some of those reading our recaps.

Then it was onto bylaw changes, for the Supporter Group bylaw (bylaw 7), language around the removal of support group recognition by the Alliance Council was removed.  There was also removal of language on the need to renew, as there is currently no process to support renewal. There is still language in the bylaw around recognition and who can participate to have fan involvement in that process.

There was also discussion around adding a bylaw allowing a leave of absence for council members. This is to ensure those voting on issues and attending meetings with the front office are aware of the topics being discussed within the council and to support some potential changes with the GM voting. There is also a status for council members who cannot attend meetings (they are always on the first Tuesday of the month) but can still provide value to the Alliance Council and ultimately the Alliance as a whole; there are no voting rights with this status.

The final discussions of the night were on the GM vote. While we can’t get into too much here as we are still working out the details with the front office, there will be some changes coming and better definitions on the voting options. We’ve also proposed a change to timing of the Alliance-wide votes.  We hope to be able to supply more details in the near future. This has been a big effort this year for the council and we feel it will strengthen the commitment the club has to democracy in sports.

Feel free to drop a comment or reach out to a council member.  You can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Hi! Small request… Next year, on the scarf entry page or form or somewhere, can you post a graphic that includes all the previous ticket holder scarves (both sides)? It’d be helpful for those of us who can’t find all of ours to see previous ones so we can design something new and different. Thanks!


Hi there! Thanks for reading and putting thought into it. I’m not sure Sounders are going to be able to stack up years’ worth of scarves on the entry, that would get pretty cumbersome over time. But perhaps they could be made available online.