2013 Meeting Minutes

Bylaw 4 March 27, 2013

Bylaw 4) Election Rules for Council

To be elected and retain membership on the Council, a prospective member must be a member in good standing of the Alliance.

Election to the Council requires 25 votes in a single Annual Election Period.  The Annual Election Period shall begin on February 1 and end on January 31 of the next year.

If a member achieves the required vote total prior to July 1, their term starts immediately and runs through January 31 of the current Annual Election Period and until January 31 of the following Annual Election Period.

If a member achieves the required vote total on or after July 1, their term shall begin the following Annual Election Period on February 1 and runs two full years.

If a current Council member in the final year of their term achieves the required vote total, their next term shall begin at the conclusion of their current term and runs two full years.

The Council shall work with the Club to create a web page where declared candidates for election may publish biographical information to the Alliance membership for the purpose of facilitating their candidacy.