2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: April 2013

Alliance Council Agenda

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Seattle Central Community College

Attendees (26/41): Ron Lamb, Andy Cole, Greg Mockos, Dylan Vanderhoof, Glenn White, Mark Winchester, Brian Winchester, Bob Davis, Pablo Mendoza, Paul Cox, Angelica Mendoza, Brendan Vaughn, Heather Satterberg, Angeline Bounds, Kris Mysdke, Dan Roe, Mike Dollard, Sam Chesneau, Aaron Reed, McKenzie Clark, Ken Wyatt, Matthew Goecks, Kevin Zelko, Evan Kolius, Randy Nunez, Roberta King

Old business:

  1. Ticket allocation for Cascadia away matches – Paul Cox
    Last meeting ended with discussion on a proposed resolution to eliminate the 74 tickets allocated to Alliance season ticket members (STM) through a lottery. The discussion resumed with information from the front office confirming there are 800 tickets allocated for Portland, but that Vancouver has increased the available tickets to 1500. Vancouver is also willing to provide a reserved seating section for Alliance STM, separate from the supporter groups. In light of this new information, council approved a motion to vote separately on the Portland and Vancouver 2013 away ticket allocations. The motion passed with 22 in favor, 2 opposed, and 2 abstaining from the vote.

Roberta King presented an amendment (co-written with Leann Johnson) to maintain the Alliance STM ticket allocation and address concerns raised by the supporter groups. The proposal noted strong demand (2890 tickets requested via STM lottery in 2012), support for STM allocation by Sounders’ ownership, differences between STM traveling in pairs compared to hundreds traveling together in the supporter groups, accountability through the Club who has STM information, and the Club’s willingness to run the lottery for Alliance STM. Advantages include stronger away support for the Sounders and extending the privilege of more affordable tickets to the entire Alliance.

For Portland, the proposed amendment included improved communication by the Club about the STM lottery rules, clarity on the conditions required in traveling supporter sections, such as general admission tickets, early arrival for entrance to the stadium, and respect for supporter group protocols. Supporter group representatives cited additional concerns with safety and security, lack of a point person for STM accountable for managing tickets or enforcing behavior, the potential for tickets to be sold or given to others who wouldn’t be aware they would be in a supporter group section, and that supporter groups would be held responsible for problems that may arise. The amendment failed to pass, with 4 in favor, 18 opposed, and 4 abstaining.

In response to the supporter group concerns, Kris Mysdke, along with Ron Lamb and Bob Davis, proposed an amendment to allow a supporter group to manage the 74 tickets for the Alliance STM. This also failed to pass, with 9 in favor, 13 against, and 4 abstaining.

The resolution to eliminate the 74 Portland tickets for Alliance STM, and to allocate all 800 tickets to supporter groups, passed with 18 in favor, 5 opposed, and 3 abstaining. The tickets will be allocated to supporter groups as in 2012 (Emerald City Supporters – 83%, Gorilla FC – 10% GFC, North End Faithful – 4%, and Eastside Supporters – 3%).

The discussion turned to the Vancouver away match tickets. With 1,500 tickets available for Sounders fans, Paul Cox noted that this was much more than supporter groups would need. The Alliance STM proposal from Roberta and Leann included making a minimum of 250 tickets available through Club’s lottery, with all tickets to be located in a section separate from the supporter group sections. Tickets would not be general admission, but would be reserved seat tickets, as this is the norm for STM. Supporter group representatives noted their concerns about safety, accountability, questioned the exact location of the STM section and any whether STM would be held to similar conditions as supporter groups.

Council agreed to table the vote on Vancouver tickets (23 in favor, 3 opposed) until the May meeting, in order to allow Leann and Roberta time to work out details on Alliance STM tickets with the Sounders front office.

Council unanimously approved a motion, made by Glenn White, to set aside 300 tickets for STM and 1200 tickets for supporter groups.

A motion to adjourn the meeting failed to pass, and several council members left.

  1. Committee for connecting and interacting with Alliance – Brendan Vaughn
    Brendan postponed the committee update until the May meeting.
  2. Supporter group recognition for 2013 – Dylan Vanderhoof
    Dylan noted that Council had voted in March to renew recognition of four supporter groups, but that the procedure and timing for new supporter group applications is unclear. Information needs to be updated on the supporter group page on the SSFC website.
  3. 2013 Council meetings
    In the ongoing hunt for meeting locations, Paul reported that no eastside locations have been identified that can accommodate the current size of council, but that the stadium had been offered for today’s meeting. Heather Satterberg offered a room in the 101 Elliott Building (formerly the PI building). Sam Chesneau noted Seattle Central Community College is also available as a backup location. Council members expressed continued interest in availability of the stadium. Council approved the Elliott Building as the preferred alternative to the stadium, with weeknight meetings to begin at 7, and Sunday meetings to take place during the afternoons. The vote was 15 in favor, 5 opposed.