2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: April 2014

6:30 p.m.  CenturyLink Field

Present (18 of 47): Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Woody Favinger, Kevin Hughbanks, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Jerry Neil, Derek Pells, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Erin Riley, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, Kelly Weiler, Lee White

Next meeting:    Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza
a) 18 of 47 members present
b) 18 needed to establish quorum

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting – Paul Cox
a) Future meeting dates to be reflected in the minutes
b) March minutes approved

IV. Open items
a) Executive Committee – Paul Cox
• Executive Committee (EC) to operate on an ad hoc basis until Alliance makes official with approval of Constitution amendments
• Up to five EC members acceptable per FO
• Motion for four members failed (3 of 18)
• Motion for five members passed (15 of 18)
• Nominations
o Leann Johnson
o Stephanie Steiner
o Angelica Mendoza
o Brian Prouty
• Stephanie, Angelica and Brian elected

b) Council tasks – Stephanie Steiner
• Task list provided
• Up to five volunteers requested for each item
• Those not present to review list and join existing work group
c) Supporter group recognition – Samuel Chesneau
• Daniel Roe, Heather Satterberg and Sam participating in work group
• Bylaw 7 provides stipulations for supporter group (SG) recognition, though no formal process outlined
• Change in process must be introduced as an amendment to Bylaw 7
• February 28 deadline each year to request recognition renewal
• New applications approved by AC as liaison between fans and FO, though Council does not interfere with SG business
• Suggested implementation of online application form outlining mission, number of members, points of contact, relevance to SSFC, etc.
• Goal to design solid recognition process so that it’s not an issue for future ACs
• Work group to report back at May meeting and inquire with FO re any suggestions

d) FO guest speakers – Roberta King
• Roberta working to secure speakers, and collect questions beforehand to allow for preparation
• Megan West (Match Pass) and Shelly Peterson (Game Day Presentation) suggested

e) Alliance table – Leann Johnson
• Contact Leann to volunteer to assist
• Topic tabled to May meeting

f) 2015 STH benefits – Brian Prouty
• More volunteers needed to assist as part of work group
• One group is established, survey will go out to AC for ideas
• If items need to be ordered too soon given 2015 season deadlines, ideas to be shifted to 2016

V. Open discussion
a) Fred Mendoza – Paul Cox
• Paul met with Fred; attorney involved in bid for 1994 World Cup and instrumental in building of stadium
• Member of Board of Directors for Public Stadium Authority (PSA), which oversees stadium operations
• Five years left on current lease
• Fred not concerned about Seahawks/SSFC split, and believes it will be good to allow focused effort on SSFC
• Willing to talk with AC at future meeting
• Doesn’t believe taxpayers will support a second stadium as the first passed by a narrow margin
• PSA involved with installation and removal of football lines on field; system proposed with roll-away turf, if not real grass

b) Match Pass
• Some have experienced issues with match passes (e.g., incorrect names or unable to scan)
• Jerry Neil to lead Match Pass efforts and interact with FO on issues
• Roberta King and Lee White to assist on work group

c) Future meeting dates – Paul Cox
• May 3 – meeting with SSFC ownership (time/location TBD)
• May 13 – AC meeting at 7:00 p.m. (location TBD)
• Will request parking pass for all meetings at CenturyLink
• Request for Drew Carey to be present at year-end meeting; AC to offer scheduling flexibility to accommodate

VI. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn passed