2012 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: April 2012

date/time: Sun, April 29, 2012
location: Stadium

Attendees (09/20): Paul Cox, Likket Pocinwong, McKenzie Clark, Roberta King, Ron Lamb, Dan Roe, Mark Winchester, Rachel Molloy, Evan Kolius

Old business:

  1. Elect New Secretary– Postponed until next meeting for quorum voting.
  1. Alliance STH Scarf Design Competition for 2013 – Daniel Roe
    Dan shared the outlined schedule, promotion and recommendations that the Scarf Committee put together and will be forwarding that information to Bart next week. We are recommending only one competition for the “Alliance Member” scarf design, voted on my Alliance members only, with submissions open to anyone. We are also recommending that the FO pick their Top 5 from the eligible submissions. The Scarf Committee and Council would also select their Top 5, and a joint decision of the FO and Council would determine the Top 5 designs that would go to an Alliance vote at the end of the year. A representative of the Scarf Committee is invited to attend the FO discussion/review of the suggestions.
  1. Council Communication and Integration of Alliance Feedback– Roberta King
    The committee has formed and will be meeting/emailing in the next month to formalize a proposal. Results of the most recent fan survey were requested from the front office. The website updates will also be rolled into this committee’s responsibilities.
  2. Selection of Two Alliance Charities – Dave Clark
    Review of charity partner proposals and voting. Tabled until next meeting.
  3. Alliance Council Nominations for 2012 – Paul Cox
    We are still waiting on finalization of the one-seat/one-vote for Alliance members. The Sounders FC and Ticketmaster CRM system integration details regarding account tracking have been holding up the launch of this new designation and voting system. Council reps expressed concern at the continued delayed and voice interest in exploring alternate ways to activate the system more quickly, even if it means slight delays between seat designations and the ability to vote.
  4. Resolution on Future Kit Designs for 2014 – Dave Clark
    Tabled until next month.

Whereas the Seattle Sounders FC recognize that their fans are not just customers, but stakeholders in the club

Whereas the Alliance Council is the formal embodiment of said stakeholders

Whereas the uniform of the club is a banner for all who call themselves Sounders

Be it resolved that the Club and its apparel partners will present a minimum of three and no more than six near final designs for the 2014 third kids to the Alliance Council. During this meeting between the Council, the Club and the kit apparel partner a consensus will be reached between all present to pick the kit that best represents the Seattle Sounders FC as a soccer club, a democracy in sport and key member of the great Puget Sound sports community.

  1. Resolution on Championship Banners – Paul Cox
    Tabled until next month.

Whereas, the Seattle Sounders have a long and established history of successes on the field; and

Whereas, the Sounders have banners at their home stadium celebrating their championships in the United States Open Cup in 2009, 2010, and 2011, as well as their championships in the USL First Division in 2005 and 2007; and 

Whereas, the Sounders also won the championship of the A-League in 1995 and 1996; therefore…

Be it resolved that the Alliance Council requests that the Club order and hang banners (identical in design and size and using the proper time-appropriate logos) celebrating the Sounders 1995 and 1996 A-League championships from the rafters of the stadium. The Council further urges that these banners be completed and hung during pregame for the match on October 7, 2012. 

  1. SSFC Crest Resolution – Mark Winchester
    Tabled until next month.

Whereas, the crest or badge of a football club is worn over the heart to signify the importance of the Club to the wearer, the badge of the Seattle Sounders Football Club follows this tradition and appears on the left chest of the various uniforms and apparel worn by the team; the badge represents the organization’s personality, image, core competencies and characteristics; a badge’s design is loosely based on a heraldic shield, which helped identify combatants who were otherwise hidden by their armor;

Whereas the Seattle Sounders FC badge was developed to represent the partnership between the ownership, the community, the players and the fans; and whereas, the partners are all united under one banner which carries the team name; and whereas, the Space Needle is a universally recognized icon and symbol of Seattle, therefore be it resolved:

The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council believes that the various teams playing as part of the Club should wear uniforms that carry the ORIGINAL badge of the Seattle Sounders FC. Namely, the one that appeared on the Club’s uniforms during the inaugural season for the Club in MLS competition in 2009, on their Rave Green home uniform jerseys.

This is the white outlined, Sounder Blue shield underneath, with the black depiction of the Space Needle over the top, and Rave Green shield in the middle, all abound by the white banner with the text “Seattle Sounders FC”. This should be the only badge worn on uniforms by Players on the field of play during all competitions, and only in these original colors. This shall take effect at eth start of all competitions beginning in January the year 2014.

The Alliance Council supports efforts by the Seattle Sounders FC to market merchandise with the original badge, but understands that the badge may not be used on all clothing marketed by the Club.”

New business:

  1. Goals for year – Paul Cox
    Tabled until next month.
  1. May Meeting Date– May 12th at 3:30pm (before the Real Salt Lake game)
  1. Meeting with Front Office– Paul Cox
    Tabled until next month, for Council to internally discuss possible agenda items, focus and tone for any potential meeting to discuss increasing/improving the working relationship and vision with the Club. With the invitation to owners, Peter McLoughlin, Gary Wright, Bart Wiley, etc.
  2. Open Discussion