2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: August 2013

Alliance Council Minutes  

10:30 a.m. Sunday, August 17, 2013


Attendees (21/45): Matt Oak, Ron Lamb, Cameron Collins, Sam Chesneau, Mike Mead, Mark Winchester, Glenn White, Likkit Pocinwong, Dylan Vanderhoof, Derek Pells, Brian Prouty, Brian Winchester, Jerry Neil, McKenzie Clark, Stephanie Steiner, Ken Wyatt, Paul Cox, Pablo Mendoza, Angelica Mendoza, Kevin Hughbanks, Roberta King

No quorum.

  1. Review of meeting with ownership (7/28) – Paul Cox
    Front office reported on improvements to stadium entry and wanding process; discussed potential celebrations for 40-year anniversary of Sounders in 2014; FO asked for a prioritized list of ideas by November. Council is compiling ideas on our shared drive, everyone is encouraged to add ideas. Other topics included outreach to new fans and marketing the SFC brand, planning for the end of year business meeting – continue to have Council plan and run the meeting, and opportunities for more council input on match day presentation and experience.
  2. Scarf Design Contest – Paul Cox
    There were more than 200 designs submitted! In the next few days, the judges will be selecting finalists for Alliance-wide vote.
  3. Alliance Council membership status – Stephanie Steiner
    Current membership – 45; Number needed for quorum = 23 (50% +1) Stephanie sent emails to Council members who haven’t been attending. We have now updated the google group with email address for two missing members (Mike Mead and McKenzie Clark). Stephanie has had no response from two others (Mark Inderhees, Craig Williams).
  4. Alliance voting eligibility – Stephanie Steiner
    Individuals in a private/non-corporate suite seeking ability to vote. Were able to vote for GM only, still not able to vote for council members. Corporate suites are not eligible to vote.
  5. Council process – Paul Cox & Angelica Mendoza
    Discussion began with Angelica proposing that Council consider electing an executive committee to help oversee work of council and move ideas forward. Open discussion about how council operates, should there be an executive committee, what would they do, what are the roles of individuals, roles of committees, role of the president, how much discussion should take place in monthly meetings, can discussions take place online in advance of meetings, and attendance/quorum issues. Glenn offered to set up a private Facebook group for Council discussion.

Next meeting – Paul Cox
The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, September 15th.