2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: February 2013

Alliance Council Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 10, 2013 4:30 pm

Location: Bellevue Brewing Company

Attendees (23/38): Danni Blue, Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Mike Dollard, Roberta King, Evan Kolius, Ron Lamb, Paul Lower, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Greg Mockos, Rachel Malloy, Keith Osterhoudt, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Dan Roe, Robert Scherzer, Stephanie Steiner, Dylan Vanderhoof, Brendan Vaughn, Mark Winchester, Ken Wyatt.

  1. Welcome and Introductions
    Council membership update – 2013 – 2014 Council Term. 2013 Council now has 38 members!
Re-Elected Council Members Newly Elected Council Members
Angeline Bounds

Roberta King


Samuel Chesneau

Danni Blue

Andy Cole

Cameron Collins

Michael Dollard

Matthew Goecks

Paul Lower

Mike Mead

Pablo Mendoza

Angelica Mendoza

Keith Osterhoudt

Brian Prouty

Jeff Randle

Robert Scherzer

Stephanie Steiner

Dylan Vanderhoof

Brendan Vaughn

Glenn White

Craig Williams

  1. 2012 Review – Paul Cox
    Paul reviewed the highlights of the Alliance and democracy in sports during the 2012 season, including the GM retention vote and the vote on the 2013 season ticket holder scarf design.
  2. Meeting Dates/Location for 2013 – Paul Cox

Our constitution calls for monthly meetings with an invite to ownership in March, June, and November. The council members in attendance agreed to avoid meeting on match days this year because of conflicting pre-match activities. Alternating the monthly meetings between weekends and weeknights was identified as an option to ensure that no council member is excluded due to other scheduled commitments. The March, June, and November meetings with ownership will be scheduled based on ownership availability.

  1. Electing New Officers for 2013
    President: Paul Cox (unopposed) was elected.
    Vice-president: Dan Roe, Stephanie Steiner, and Evan Kolius were nominated. Dan Roe was elected.
    Secretary: Roberta King (unopposed) was elected.

Old business:

  1. Alliance-wide voting in 2013 – Roberta King
    An Alliance-wide vote is needed to change language in the constitution. Council passed a motion in April 2012 adding the following text to the duties of Secretary (Constitution, Article 5, Officers of the Alliance): The Secretary shall maintain, and keep current, a record of the Council Constitution, By-Laws, Resolutions, Commendations, and Membership. Council agreed that this should be added to the ballot during the next regular voting period, in fall 2013.
  2. Choosing two charitable partners
    Last season, Angeline Bounds agreed to lead this project. Brendan, Brian, and Rachel volunteered to join a committee to work with Angie and the Club on how to proceed.
  3. Voting on future kit design – Paul Cox
    Council will continue to work with the FO on the opportunity for the Alliance to vote on kit design. One next step is to invite Sue Harris (Sounders FC Director of Retail Ops) to a meeting to discuss the design and selection process. Danni, Cameron, Dylan, Mark, and Sam volunteered to form a committee.
  4. Scarf design contest for 2014 – Dan Roe
    Dan will continue to lead a committee to work with the club to plan a scarf design contest. Mike D. and Stephanie volunteered to join the committee (consisting of Rachel, Angie, Likkit, and Roberta), as needed.
  5. Council voting – new for 2013 – Dan Roe
    Voting for Council is soon changing to a two-step process. Those running for council will need to log in to com to nominate themselves. All nominees will then be placed on a council ballot. When Alliance members are ready to cast their vote for a council nominee, they will click on the Council Ballot and select one of the candidates listed there. This eliminates the issue of manually locating and combining multiple spellings for the same person. It also prevents people like Kasey Keller, Roger Levesque, etc., from being nominated without their consent. The new voting section will refresh vote totals every 10 minutes, so no more waiting a week to find out if you have gathered enough votes.
  6. Supporter group recognition for 2013 – Paul Cox
    The annual supporter group recognition vote by Council will take place at March meeting. An invitation will be published for representatives of renewing and prospective supporter groups.
  7. Ticket allocation for Cascadia away matches
    This topic will be on the agenda for the March council meeting.

New business:

  1. Open Discussion
    Evan reported that the council Twitter account – @AllianceCouncil – is active, and a Facebook page is planned.

Brendan suggested forming a committee to develop strategies for connecting and interacting with all STH, such as having an Alliance Council table at the stadium, or publishing info on the Alliance in the match day program. Volunteers for this committee include: Brendan, Paul, Brian, Roberta, Keith, Glenn, Ken, Stephanie, and Danni.

Dan is proposing a change to Bylaw #4, Election Rules for Council; he will send it to council for review prior to the next meeting.