2012 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: February 2012

MEETING MINUTES: Sun Feb 26,2012 1pm
location: Stadium

Attendees (17/20): Paul Cox, McKenzie Clark, Evan Kolius, Greg Mockos, Mark Inderhees, LeAnn Johnson, Daniel Roe, Mark Winchester, Justin Williams, Angeline Bounds , Kevin Zelko, Ken Wyatt, Likkit Pocinwong, Roberta King, Dave Clark, Bob Davis, Rachel Molloy

  1. Welcoming new members, membership update:
Re-Elected Council Members Newly Elected Council Members
Dave Clark
Rachel Molloy
Kevin Zelko
Lori Ross
Paul Cox
Leann Johnson
Greg Mockos
Mark Inderhees
McKenzie Clark
Ken Wyatt
Bob Davis
Evan Kolius
Likkit Pocinwong
Justin Williams
Ron Lamb
Mark Winchester
Aaron Reed
  1. Electing New Officers for 2012 – McKenzie Clark led the voting

Honorary Chairman
Drew Carey elected honorary chairman – all in favor

Council President – 1 year term
Paul Cox, Dave Clark – nominated
Paul Cox – elected as president by blind ballot

Council Vice President – 1 year term
Bob Davis – nominated and elected as Vice President by vocal vote

Council Secretary   
Angeline Bounds , Roberta King – nominated
Angeline Bounds – elected as Secretary by blind ballot

Proposed Secretary Bylaw Amendment:  for a vote on next month’s agenda – Rachel Molloy
The Secretary shall maintain, and keep current, a record of the Council Constitution, By-Laws, Resolutions, Commendations and Membership.

Old business:

  1. Formally vote on any Actions, Commendations and Resolutions Passed in 2011 – Rachel Molloy
    Formal recognition of the Commendations and Resolutions passed during the interim between the Council passing the Constitution and Charter, and its official ratification by the full Alliance. (Commendation Open Cup, Away Tickets Resolution, PA Noise Resolution, Scarf Competition Resolution) – All favor and formally approved
  2. 2012 Budget Discussion – Paul Cox
    FO is granting funds to the Council on an “as needed” basis, with requests for funding formally made to the front office. Whenever possible, Council will get requests in before Aug/Sept for budgeting.
  3. Supporter Group Recognition – Paul Cox
    No changes were proposed to the Supporter Group “minimum standards” outlined in the ratified by-Laws. The March meeting has been set aside as the earliest possible date to recognize SGs for the 2012 season. Formerly recognized SGs will be contacted and invited to apply for formal Council recognition at that meeting and an open call will go out for interested SGs who wish to apply. On-going renewals will happen in October for the next year. Formal recognition by Council allows the SG to negotiate directly with the FO on issues, allows them access to away-game SG ticket allocations, and places them formally on the website as a recognized Supporter Group.

Dave Clark will work to update website info, and will create a google doc space for SGs to check off that they meet each “minimum standards” requirement. SGs attending the March meeting must have two leadership representatives in attendance to speak on behalf of their SG.

 “Bylaw 7) Supporter Groups recognition

Supporter groups are an integral part of the Sounders community and gameday experience.  As such, the Alliance wants to encourage the growth of existing groups as well as the formation of new groups.

The relationship between supporter groups, the Alliance, and the Club, has a unique nature.  As such, it benefits all of these parties to have a set of minimum standards for groups to attain, demonstrating their commitment.

Therefore, for formal recognition as a supporter group, groups must meet the following standards:

  • At least 25 identified, paid members
  • Identified group leadership who are responsible for coordination and can speak on behalf of the group
  • Organized participation as a group in activities like songs, chants, tifo, etc.
  • Established history of conducting supporter group activities for the Sounders
  • Have registered articles of incorporation with their local state

Supporter groups may apply to the Council for recognition, and the Council will invite the leaders of the group to a meeting for discussion prior to a vote.  A majority vote of all Council members present is required for recognition.

Supporter groups may annually request renewal of their recognition from the Council; renewal is automatic (assuming it is requested) and will be schedule yearly in October.

Recognition may be withdrawn by the Council with a two-thirds vote of all Council members present and voting at a meeting; such votes will always be taken with at least one month’s notice to the supporter group in question.”

  1. Resolution Banning Vuvuzelas – Paul Cox
    The Team Store is no longer selling them , and the Front Office has said they are already “banned” from the stadium. Issue tabled.
  2. Resolution Banning P.A. Noise – McKenzie Martin Clark
    The front office responded they will no longer have orca noises on corner kicks or Virginia Mason ads during run of play in 2012. And staff in the booth will be confirming that no other artificial noises are introduced during the run of play. The Council was very happy with this response.
  3. Alliance STH Scarf Design Competition for 2013 – Daniel Roe
    The front office offered two options in response to the resolution…selling a fan scarf in the team store or planning a 2013 scarf. Council voted to continue to work towards a 2013 STH scarf design. A small working group was put together to work out the details (Dan Roe, Angeline Bounds, Rachel Molloy, Roberta King, Likkit Pocinwong) and report back on progress at the next meeting.


The team may not be having a scarf for fans in 2013, or may have an opt out option for fans who are tired of getting scarfs and would prefer something like a bonus to the team store, etc.

  1. Bylaws Amendment: Binding Votes and Super Majority – Paul Cox
    Tabled until next meeting. Paul to draft an initial resolution for review/discussion and possible incorporation into the by-laws.
  2. Resolution urging Portland away game ticket allotment – Paul Cox
    Tabled until next meeting with formal proposals to be submitted by council members for consideration. It does look like we may have additional tickets allocated in response to the away ticket resolution…formal announcement to come from the Front Office if so. The Council confirmed they are excited to accept the tickets and will be deciding how to allocate them in future meetings. General options and ideas were discussed…including a lottery for a non-SG ticket allocation, SGs only deciding how their tickets will be divvied up between recognized groups, and discussions surrounding GA seating versus seated tickets and how that will affect traveling fan experiences/expectations.


This year another 300 Portland and 750 Vancouver away game tickets will be allocated to Sounders fans. (800 Portland / 1250 Vancouver …exact numbers to be confirmed later)
1) how many, if any should go to non-supporter group ticket holders
2) how to divide remaining tickets among supporter groups

  1. Soliciting Alliance Feedback Next Year – Roberta King
    Tabled until next meeting. Roberta suggested a “communications working group” to tackle this issue (regarding getting wider Alliance feedback and involvement either through FO emails or surveys to the wider Alliance, end-of-year question requests, integration of any feedback from last year’s EOY meeting into council agenda, review of sounders survey results, etc) and the related council communications issue (regarding getting the word out on resolutions, commendations, etc). She’ll be bringing a formal proposal next meeting.

New business:

  1. Selection of Two Alliance Charities – President
    Dave Clark will formalize proposals for next meeting, begin organizing a committee to tackle the issue, and will take suggestions from other council members on who and how to decide Charity Partners.
  2. Golden Scarf Ceremony – President
    FO recommends giving two Scarves away in 2012 – one on opening night and one at the last regular season home match on Oct 21st. FO requested Council’s feedback on the matter. Dave Clark proposed the opening match and the Cascadia Cup games for the golden scarf ceremony (three total). Majority voted in agreement…though there were a few who abstained or voted nay.
  3. Alliance Council Nominations for 2012/2013 – Paul Cox
    Still no ETA for actual launch of the one-seat/one-vote for Alliance members…though reportedly the technical system is in place. Voting will continue to be suspended.
  4. Resolution on Future Kit Designs for 2014 – Dave Clark Tabled….next meeting
  5. Resolution on Pre-Season Open Practices – Dave Clark
  6. Alliance web changes in accordance with Constitution– Angeline / Dave Clark / Dan Roe / Roberta
    Team will report back next month on updates to the Sounders FC site information for Councilmembers, Supporter Groups, and campaigning candidates.
  7. Recognition of former councilmembers – Dave Clark

Dave will write a thank you on the blog.

  1. Public Alliance & Council Communication – McKenzie Clark
    There was a general discussion around the need for publicizing Council resolutions, recommendations and agreed upon Council positions or facts via public media (twitter, the blog, website, facebook, traditional press, etc). It was agreed that this currently fell under the President’s responsibility according to the by-laws to disseminate or delegate (not personal opinion as the Blog or personal twitter accounts allow, but for council-only dissemination). Paul will move forward with setting up a Council Facebook page and the Twitter page, and the other Council officers will have admin access. Some of these plans may also overlap with on-going Communications Work Group plans or proposals, and will be revised as needed by Council.
  2. Discussion on Club/Council conflicts of interest – Paul Cox
    There was a discussion on the issue of council members possibly attempting to get jobs with the Club and whether Council should have a policy about that. At this time, the council doesn’t feel that it would cause a conflict of interest, but did encourage those on Council to openly disclose if they were involved in future. If a councilmember would like to bring a formal resolution or amendment they can add it to a future agenda.