2012 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: July 2012

Alliance Council Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2012, 1 p.m.


In attendance (12/20): Paul Cox, Evan Kolius, Leann Johnson, Dan Roe, Justin Williams, McKenzie Clark, Kris Mydske, Likkit Pocinwong, Angeline Bounds, Ron Lamb, Mark Winchester, Roberta King

Old Business:

  1. General Manager Retention Vote – Paul Cox

Paul reported on recent conversations with the front office and sought Council input on the voting process and schedule, including minimum votes required and promoting the vote to Alliance members this fall.

New Business:

GM Retention Vote Resolution – Paul Cox

The following resolution on the GM retention vote was passed by unanimous vote. A related amendment to the Bylaws will be determined at next meeting.

“Whereas, during the formation of the Seattle Sounders FC, the Club dedicated itself to the ideal of “Democracy in Sports”; and

Whereas, the most direct expression of the wishes of the fans and supporters of the Sounders would be a vote on the proposed retention of the Club’s General Manager once every four years; and
Whereas, the 2012 season represents the fourth season in MLS for the Club; and

Whereas, the Alliance has been formally established by the fans and supporters of the club as the representative organization of the fans, supporters, and overall Sounders community;

Therefore, be it resolved:

That the Alliance Council asks the overall Alliance membership the following question: “Shall Adrian Hanauer be retained as General Manager of the Seattle Sounders FC?”

Be it also resolved that the Alliance Council shall pass a bylaw governing the voting timeline, procedures, and other such details, and shall work in conjunction with the Club to organize, manage, and count said vote. The Council also shall have an independent accounting firm assist with the verification and trustworthiness of the vote. 

Next meetings:

August 5th – 1 pm

September 8th – 45 minutes after end of match