2010 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: July 2010

July 2010

(Due to time constraints, this is exactly what individual Council members sent in as comments… no lead in and no editing)

1) Can we vote to have the Match C be a CCL match? This would be a  great opportunity to educate our fanbase on a prestigious competition.

2) Did I miss the golden scarf voting for the Celtic match? Celski is a cool kid, but I thought we decided who got the golden scarf? or is this out the window now?

3) Ensure that the vuvuzela does not take over our great atmosphere…I would like a committment from FO that its not sold in the stadium.

4) In game ads, its a continuing problem as well as the band playing during the run of play.

5) Has the FO solved the “email” issue about only account holders getting FO emails? I know that the owners thought this was a concern, but has there been any progress on this issue?

6) Game day in stadium announcer: can we have him slow down so that the fans can yell the players last name?  It would be very cool imho if he said ” Nate….” and the rest of the stadium replied “JAQUA!”. I also don’t always catch this, but I rarely hear the name of the scorer be announced.

I highly second number 6…

I  know that was the intent from the beginning of last year, but not sure why it was missed and not followed up on.

Fans would love this and it is a simple, simple implementation.
Huge backing of #1 from me

When are we getting feedback from Council’s monthly comments?
What happened to the conference calls?  The website still states that we have monthly conference calls.

Kudos for adding Big Al Brewery to the beer choices at Qwest.  People would love to see even more local beer choices available (Manny’s, etc).  Supporters often complain that you can find many different beers at Safeco, but hate that Qwest is so limited.

I strongly agree with not selling vuvuzela’s in the stadium and encourage some sort of policy to help control their use.

I am also bummed, as are others who stand near me, that commercials and the band continue to play during the run of play.

I would like more feedback/communication from the FO in regard to ideas/issues brought forward from the Council.  Most of our communications have been in regard to which one of us would be giving the golden scarf away.


– Vuvuzelas.  I hate them- they should be banned, period.  I don’t care if the team sells them, but they shouldn’t be used.-Championship banners.  The top level of American soccer in 1995 and 1996 was the “A-League”, the American Professional Soccer League.  It later merged with the USL. In 95 and 96, the Seattle Sounders were the champions of the A-League. Those banners should proudly hang from our rafters. As far as the other items, we discussed the rhythm of the stadium announcer a while back.  It’s still an issue.  Getting the fans MORE involved in bonding with and cheering/yelling/chanting for our team is a Good Thing.   The announcer skipping opponents’ names because they’re hard to pronounce is pretty lame, too.  (And how tough is “Ki Sung-Yong”, anyway?) The Golden Scarf is not working.  It’s boring, it’s too far before the game, and the system set up to pick recipients doesn’t work for me, either. I say again, make it a more or less replica of the 12th Man Flag deal the Hawks have.  Do it almost immediately before kickoff, up in the spot in the Brougham (south) end of the stadium, and take out all the ridiculous pomp and girls in tight pants.  They’re hot and all, but whatever.  I won’t miss ’em when they’re gone. Instead, just present it, scarves up while the teams shake hands with each other and the ref, and then boom, let’s go with the game.

–  No more Vuvuzelas.
–  Yes, to hanging the banners.
–  Totally second item #6.
–  Does Golden Scarf need to be every home game?  Maybe just a few select games. And yes presenting right before kickoff would be nice.  No comment on the Golden Scarf girls.  If Golden Scarf will continue then there needs to be some fine tuning of this whole process, hopefully coming up with ideas to making it better.
–  I would like to know the FO’s comments on the issues we have discussed so far and if anything has progressed.
–  Friendly Match 3 being a CCL match is a great idea, +1. –  I’ve never been a fan of the golden scarf ceremony. At first it was kind of cool to recognize Seattle icons but now it just seems cheesy. I’m all for discontinuing it completely. If this does continue it MUST NOT be right at kickoff. The ECS and the NES do their tifo displays at that time. Some of you may not think it’s that big of a deal but I can guarantee that both those groups do. Tifo is for the players and to get the stadium amped up. I think kick off-timed golden scarf ceremony would detract from that. –  All vuvuselas should be melted down and turned into earplugs to be used while thundersticks are thundersticking. Seriously though, we all watched the world cup and we all know how annoying the bbrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz was. We don’t need that to happen at qwest. –  It would be great if the announcer said the name of the goal scorer.