2012 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: March 2012

date/time: Sat, March 17, 2012, 3pm
location: stadium

Attendees (quorum reached): Paul Cox, Greg Mockos, Mark Inderhees, Leann Johnson, Daniel Roe, Justin Williams, Angeline Bounds , Kevin Zelko, Ken Wyatt, Roberta King, Dave Clark, Bob Davis, Rachel Molloy, Ron Lamb, Likkit Pocinwong, Aaron Reed, Mark Winchester…
Observers: Drew Carey, Gary Wright, Bart Wiley, Adrian Hanauer, and other staff

Old business:

  1. Secretary By-Law  Amendment – Approved, will go to full Alliance

Council Secretary   
The Secretary shall keep minutes of Council meetings and shall publish those meetings to the Council, Alliance, and general public.  The Secretary shall maintain, and keep current, a record of the Council Constitution, By-Laws, Resolutions, Commendations, and Membership.

  1. Supporter Group Recognition
    Emerald City Supporters, North End Faithful, Gorilla FC and Eastside Supporters all had representatives in attendance and were able to produce their documentation and speak to their membership numbers and activities. All were approved for recognition for the current season.
  2. Alliance STH Scarf Design Competition for 2013 – Daniel Roe
    Daniel Roe gave a quick update to the progress so far by the working group. Detailed recommendations to be forthcoming next month.
  3. Bylaws Amendment: Binding Votes and Super Majority
    Paul to draft an initial resolution for review (regarding operations, agenda items, supermajority for votes without timely notification, etc ) and possible incorporation into the by-laws.
  4. Resolution urging Portland away game ticket allotment– Paul Cox
    SGs had divided up their allocation by percentage in a prior meeting. Still waiting on final confirmation of ticket amounts (likely 750). There will be 74 tickets available to non SG members this year, which will be distributed by the FO via lottery (2 opposed, all others in favor). Further details to be decided by FO and working group, but may include the ability to access two tickets at once, and require the fans to follow SG and stadium security rules such as meeting in advance of the game to enter as a group. Leann, Roberta and Paul will work in a small group to advice on the issue and report back next month.
  5. Council Communication and Integration of Alliance Feedback
    A communications working group will meet on the issue to compile recommendations and a plan for moving forward.
  6. Selection of Two Alliance Charities – Dave Clark
    There was a discussion about whether allocating Alliance charities would mean bumping current charity partners (something that council members voiced concern about). Tabled until next meeting.
  7. Alliance Council Nominations for 2012 
    Update on the one-seat/one-vote for Alliance members, ETA on form launch “very soon” according to the FO.
  8. Alliance web changes in accordance with Constitution 
    Update on progress getting council member info updated, campaigning candidates’ page and SG recognition page/forms. To be rolled into the Communications Committee.

New business:

  1. Proposed Council email list access for Bart Wiley
    Bart has been added to the Council email distribution list

Open Discussion with Council and Ownership:


Chris from the FO was brought in to answer some questions and hear issues regarding fans getting paper tickets when they requested cards, and vice versus. As well as incorrect “all-inclusive” labels and SG logos on other cards. There will be additional chances for fans to opt into the card system later this year as well, and increasing loyalty programs in the future for discounts and account control as they system evolves.


It was also expressed again that it’s important for ticket reps to be giving out a consistent answer when issues or problems arise. Speculating and guessing only adds to the confusion otherwise.

Council continued to push for Qwest for hosting of events, rather than Starfire. And enhanced control and functionality in the Account Manager system.


2010-2011 STHs have not seen an on-going advantage to renewing, like the 2009 fans. In future 2009 fans may see an increase in ticket prices.


Drew Carey has begun his “Retain Adrian” campaign, with buttons! There will be a vote at the end of the year to address his retention. A 51% vote of the STH base is required, which will require publicity and turnout.


Council asked about the Hawks Nest. While it is filling, it took longer than expected with slightly lower demand. It remains to be seen how having a large chunk of fans seated in a block will affect stadium atmosphere.