2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: March 2013

Alliance Council Minutes

7:00 – 8:30 pm, Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seattle Central Community College

Attendees (23/38): Paul Cox, Danni Blue, Evan Kolius, Angeline Bounds, Dylan Vanderhoof, Mark Winchester, Mike Dollard, Brian Prouty, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Leann Johnson, Keith Osterhoudt, Kris Mysdke, Sam Chesneau, Dan Roe, Robert Scherzer, Roberta King, Stephanie Steiner, Cameron Collins, Jeff Randle, Ron Lamb, Kevin Zelko, Ken Wyatt.

Old business:

  1. Alliance-wide voting in 2013 – Dan Roe
    Dan proposed an amendment to Bylaw 4, Election Rules for Council, to clarify start and end dates of Council terms. Following discussion, friendly amendments to the motion were made and approved. The amendment to Bylaw 4 was approved with 17 in favor, 5 opposed.
  2. Council voting – Leann Johnson, Dan Roe
    The new online voting system is now live. Leann and Dan explained the new system, which allows Alliance members to log in to nominate themselves and be added to the online ballot. To cast a vote, Alliance members log in and choose from nominees listed on the ballot. A new page on the Sounders FC website displays vote totals and is updated every 10 minutes.
  3. Committee for connecting and interacting with Alliance – Danni Blue
    Danni presented a list of ideas for reaching out to the Alliance to improve overall awareness of the Alliance and the Alliance Council. Council asked the committee to bring back specific proposals. Committee: Danni, Brian, Roberta, Keith, Paul, Glenn, Ken, Stephanie
  4. Intra-council communications – Danni Blue
    In response to comments about the number of emails that arise during Council email discussions, its was suggested that Council members change their Google Group settings to receive daily summaries of emails rather than each individual message. It’s not necessary for Council to RSVP to the monthly meeting announcements. It was also noted for new Council members that Bart Wiley and Taylor Graham of the Sounders’ front office are included in the email group, helping maintain communications between Council and the club.
  5. Twitter: @Alliance Council – Evan Kolius
    Evan reported that the council Twitter account now has 1038 followers. Evan will join the committee for connecting and interacting with the Alliance.
  6. Choosing two charitable partners – Angeline Bounds
    No update; Angeline welcomed her new committee members, Brendan, Brian, and Rachel.
  7. Meeting dates & location for 2013 – Paul Cox
    Council reviewed and approved the dates proposed for the remainder of the year. It was noted that one or two dates may change in order to accommodate attendance by club ownership. The decision on locations was tabled until we can get additional input from the front office. Approved meeting dates and locations: Sunday, April 14 – Seattle; Tuesday, May 21  – Bellevue; Sunday, June 9 – Bellevue; Wednesday, July 17 – Seattle; Sunday, Aug 11 – Bellevue; Sunday, Sept 15 – Seattle; Wednesday, Oct 16 – Bellevue.

New business:

  1. Supporter group recognition for 2013 – Paul Cox
    Council unanimously approved renewal of recognition for four supporter groups – North End Faithful, Eastside Supporters, Gorilla FC, and Emerald City Supporters.
  2. Ticket allocation for Cascadia away matches – Paul Cox
    A proposal to eliminate the Alliance Season Ticket Members Cascadia Away Lottery was presented by Dylan. Council discussed the experiences in Portland and Vancouver last year when a portion of the total tickets (74 out of 800) were allocated to a lottery for season ticket members who aren’t affiliated with a supporter group, and the pros and cons of continuing the lottery opportunity in 2013. The discussion was tabled awaiting more information from the club, including a potential increase in the number of available tickets.
  3. Open Discussion
    Stephanie and Kris will develop a Facebook page.