2010 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: May 2010

May 2010

Security Outside Qwest – As discussed previously, security outside Qwest needs to be addressed.

–   “ I’m very disappointed to hear about and personally witness that, once again, Sounders fans encountered problems with some of the visiting supporters today.

I specifically stated at our council meeting earlier this year that hostile situations were presenting themselves in Sounders related areas outside the confines of Qwest. Seattle Police/Qwest security/whoever have not had a significant enough presence to prevent these tense moments from turning violent. Luckily –I cannot speak for everyone, but to my knowledge…– nothing has taken a turn for the worse, and we’ve all gone our separate ways without anything more than a few choice words.

Until today.

I’m frustrated and angry that my complaint has apparently slipped through the cracks, especially when I singled out the San Jose supporters as being particularly troublesome. I also thought Gary Wright in particular had taken my warning seriously, but maybe I was mistaken.”

–   “bummed to hear that something went down, but not at all surprised. i walked past these guys about 10:30 with my 4 year old and they promptly told me to “F off” after doing nothing but walk past them. that was a great experience. i then watched them threaten everyone else that walked by we left for a bite. i texted a few people i knew in the march to the match saying that the SJ thugs were sitting there, right at the end of the march, waiting to start some trouble, and it sounds like they did.”

Communications – Is Council’s monthly email submittal the best communication tool?  Several comments received from Council relate to receiving updates or responses from Council’s comments.  We would encourage a more open venue or forum for communications between the Front Office and Council.

–    “We have only received a response from one of our ‘April’ Council comments, related to the Golden Scarf Nominations.  I would like to get more feedback on all the main topics we bring to the Front Office.  There’s not enough information exchange.  I found the most helpful tool from our previous communications (Conference calls) was the exchange of ideas and stated responses to issues we brought to the discussion”

–   “I would like an update on how the decision was made with the horns. Last year we brought it up, and while I haven’t seen any for sale this season, it would be intriguing if the reason had anything to do with what we had said.

An update on Drew’s idea to have sub-accounts for voting rights and email notification.”