2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: November 2011

Sunday Nov 13th, 1-4pm
Starfire Sports, banquet room
(12/22) LeAnn Johnson, Greg Mockos, Lori Ross, Dave Clark, Katie Pendleton, Angeline Bounds, Mark Inderhees, Roberta King, Paul Cox, Ken Wyatt, Dan Roe, Rachel Molloy

Observers: Ron Lamb, Mark Winchester, Evan Kolius

Old business:

  1. Publicizing the Charter, Bylaws and Constitution Alliance Vote – Dave Clark
    Tentatively voting requested to take place Nov 28th – Dec 11th…supporting ratification. Council is waiting on the Club business PR team to review and approve the press release for distribution. Council has requested a longer review period for publicizing and promoting the vote (2.5week minimum) if the timeline is delayed (possibly until after the MLS Cup). It will be important for members and supporter groups to help get the word out via social media channels in repeated blasts. Alliance Council blog will be getting one block of homepage space on-going in the next redesign.
  2. Finalize Dec General Meeting Plans – Tom Challinor/Paul Cox
    December 13th, WaMu theater, 7pm. Tom had a meeting on Monday with Bart. Basic agenda of meeting will be a lot like last year. This year is a joint effort, but in future years the Club would like to see the Council taking over. Doors open at 6:30pm…pre-meeting activities to include as many players as they can for greeting, photos, and autographs. Posters with the Constitution and Alliance Charter will be posted. Questions for the meeting (as well as those gathered from the site) will be gathered by the Alliance Council at a table. As well as a table for trophies and a message book for Kasey Keller.

    MC will be Tom Challinor. Council report from McKenzie. Update on Charter/Constitution voting results. Gary Wright will give the business update. Adrian Hanauer the team update. Q&A…aggregated questions will be filtered and compiled to avoid repetition and ready for display. Three different groups will respond to the questions. The business meeting is not being broadcast or webcast.

  3. Resolution urging Portland away game ticket allotment – Paul Cox


The Sounders FC Alliance Council urges our front office to actively work with the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps to increase the number of tickets available for games in Portland and Vancouver. The 2011 Sounders matches in these cities were extremely successful and popular amongst Sounders fans. We feel that greater success and enjoyment would be shared if the number of available tickets were to increase.

In accordance with standards around the world and our own desires as fans of our club, the Council finds it in the best interest of its constituents to strongly recommend that the largest ticket allotment possible for traveling Sounders fans be pursued for each Cascadia match, in all competitions, each season.
Portland should have stadium flexibility to sell more tickets in future. Our current request is for “more” tickets from the offices for Cascadia games…and if granted, future Council decisions would decide “how” those tickets would be distributed. Schedules for next season are still being discussed, but Sounders will still be able to take large traveling groups down. All voted in favor of the resolution.

  1. Database Requests from the Council – Paul Cox
    Paul met with the new CRM staff. They haven’t picked a vendor for a new ticketing system but we were able to pass off our data base requests. (One vote possible for every seat, be able to designate members/seat each year for Alliance membership), supporter group designations, able to check if an Alliance member has voted on something, etc) Some season ticket holders received a “loyalty card system” survey from the Club…on whether using their card and getting award would be appeal to them, so it sounds like the new system is still being fine-tuned in many ways.

New business:

  1. Bylaws Amendment: Binding Votes and Super Majority – Paul Cox
    There was discussion around the need to firm up a written set of rules for our own operations, agenda items, supermajority for votes without timely notification, etc. Giving people advanced notice for important votes so members can attend as needed. Paul drafted an initial resolution that was reviewed and discussed…but it was decided that these changes should be tabled until next season for proper super-majority status and possible incorporation into the By-laws.
  2. 2012 Budget Discussion – Paul Cox
    In the past, Council budget has be set at zero and any legitimate expenses approved on a case-by-case basis. Council brainstormed possible needs for next year to request in advance as a budget…some of which were previous fan displays that were labeled as coming “from the Alliance”. This would formalize them as truly being from the “fans” instead of the Club. (examples include the Charlie Davies and Steve Zachuani tributes, as well as the Kasey Keller award). Council will be speaking to the club about allowing larger fan displays like this to be handled by the Council on an on-going basis as a starting point.
  3. Supporter Group Recognition – Paul Cox
    Finalize the procedure and steps for groups seeking official Alliance recognition.
    Tabled until next year for full integration in the by-laws via super-majority.

(tentative) Beginning Feb 2012, every current Sounders supporter group would reapply for official recognition (and only need to request yearly renewal of their recognition in subsequent years via email). Dave Clark will set up an online submission form based on the by-law requirements already in place for those wishing to apply for official recognition by the Council next year (which grants Supporter Groups official recognition in dealings with the Club and their staff).  Submissions for recognition would then be included on the next Alliance Council agenda, with a representative from the group to attend that next meeting to speak on their Support Group’s behalf.

  1. Soliciting Alliance Feedback Next Year – Roberta King
    A request will be made for inclusion in Club emails or homepage articles once or twice a year to solicit fan feedback to the Council…helping to ensure fans continue to have their voices heard throughout the year. This is in response to the positive feedback/response received by the “call for questions” for the General Meeting.
  2. Resolution Banning Vuvuzelas – Paul Cox
    Unable to vote. Tabled until 2012.

The Club must be given advanced notice of any resolution the Council wishes to send to a full Alliance vote. This way, the club can have a representative in attendance at that meeting to speak to the issue, before Council votes on whether to send it to the larger Alliance vote.

  1. Resolution Banning P.A. Noise – McKenzie Martin Clark


In an effort to maintain an organic, fan driven atmosphere, Seattle Sounders FC shall not introduce any noise, music, announcement, or advertisements through any auditory medium in an attempt to impact the atmosphere during any Seattle Sounders FC match. This includes all times during regulation, overtime periods, or a penalty kick shootout. This includes times during which play has stopped, which includes but is not limited to: substitutions, fouls, goal kicks, corner kicks, and penalties.

This resolution does not apply during times before kickoff, during halftime, or after the final whistle.


Examples from the 2011 season include, but are not limited to: the Virginia Mason Advertisement, “Orca” noises on corner kicks and enhancements to the “Boom-Boom-Clap” cheer.

This resolution does not apply to the fans of either the Seattle Sounders FC or the visiting team’s fans.

Announcements of match events, emergencies, or other priority information are always exempt from this restriction.

  1. Alliance Scarf Design Competition – Dan Roe
    All voted in favor.


Supporting the creation of a “Design a Seattle Sounders FC Scarf” Competition.


Whereas, the scarf can be worn anytime as a symbol of the fan’s love and loyalty for the Seattle Sounders FC;


Whereas, the scarf is worn in good weather and bad;


Whereas, fans raise their Scarves Up during key moments before, during and after the match;

Whereas the Seattle Sounders FC continues to draw record crowds in MLS of talented and creative supporters as evidenced by the TIFO displays throughout the stadium;


Whereas, the Seattle Sounders FC offers the only members association in professional sports in the United States; and


Whereas, the Seattle Sounders FC Alliance is a Democracy in Sports: Now, therefore, be it


Resolved, That the Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council,




The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance supports the efforts by the Seattle Sounders FC to create a competition for Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Members to design the season ticket holder scarf for 2012 (or 2013 as time permits).



  • Entrants – Any person may submit a scarf design during the time the competition is open.


  • Judging – Any submitted scarf design will go through the following process


  • a panel consisting of Seattle Sounders FC officials and Council Members will determine the top five designs; and

  • the top five designs will be put to a vote of the Seattle Sounders FC Alliance.
  1. Resolution on Kit Input – Dave Clark
    Table until 2012… resolution asking for fan input on kits in future.
  2. Resolution on Pre-Season Open Practices – Dave Clark
    Table until 2012.

NEXT MEETING:  First meeting of next season will be in Feb 2012. Details TBD.