2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: October 2013

Alliance Council Meeting Minutes


Attendees (23/45) : Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Ron Lamb, Greg Mockos, Kris Mydske, Dan Roe, Mark Winchester, Ken Wyatt, Sam Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Matthew Goecks, Pablo Mendoza, Angelica Mendoza, Jerry Neil, Randy Nunez, Matt Oak, Derek Pells, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Heather Satterberg, Brendan Vaughn, Glenn White, Brian Winchester

Old business:


  1. Branding of Alliance – Glenn White
    A resolution regarding third-party branding of the Sounders FC Alliance was introduced, discussed, and edited at the September 15th meeting of Council. The following resolution was approved by a vote of Council:

WHEREAS the Seattle Sounders Football Club Alliance (heretofore referred to as “Sounders Alliance,” or “Alliance”), is the body of season ticket holding fans and supporters of Sounders FC; and

WHEREAS the Alliance Council is a body formed, in main part, to represent the interests of the fans and supporters of Sounders FC; and

WHEREAS formal or informal association with commercial entities may provide the appearance of misrepresentation of the fans and supporters of Sounders FC; and

WHEREAS the Alliance logo in current use has been branded with another corporation’s (“Root Sports”) logo without permission granted by the Alliance Council, the body formed to represent the interests of the Sounders Alliance; and

WHEREAS the origin and nature of this current sponsorship is unknown, and has not been approved through resolution, approval of the Alliance Council, or other known means;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Alliance Council shall not allow the branding of any corporation, business, non-profit, charity, or entity, to be associated with any Sounders Alliance or Alliance Council logos or representations, except as approved through further resolution by the Alliance Council.

Further, to ensure transparency in all transactions regarding the Alliance branding, any resolution allowing sponsorship of the Sounders Alliance or Alliance Council must clearly state all terms for the sponsorship, including how and when the logos or representations may be used, the period of time for which they may be used, and any financial considerations rendered for the use of those logos or representations.

If financial considerations are part of the terms for sponsorship, a detailed budget for the handling, management, and disbursement of funds must be included as an addendum to any resolution allowing sponsorship.

As the Alliance Council recognizes that there may be contractual obligations to the Sounders organization regarding the Sounders Alliance and Alliance Council logos and representations, the Alliance Council sets the effective date of the resolution to the first day of the 2014 MLS Season.

The Alliance Council will provide logos, usage guidelines, grants of approval, and terms of use in marketing and other communications to Sounders FC by February 15, 2014.

  1. 40th Anniversary Patch – Glenn White
    Glenn, Likkit, and Dan will coordinate and collect designs for Council review.

  2. Constitution & Bylaws Committee – Cameron Collins

A motion to amend the definition of quorum in Bylaw 6 was introduced by McKenzie Clark earlier in the year. An updated amendment was presented by Glenn White at the September Council meeting, and revised following Council discussion. The goal is to increase the ability for Council to meet quorum and effectively conduct business. Council passed the following amendment, to be effective from 21 November 2013.

Bylaw 6) Rules of Order; Quorum is Defined

The rules of order for the Alliance and Council shall be the latest edition of “The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure”, by Alice Sturgis.  These rules shall apply unless otherwise specified in the Alliance constitution or bylaws.

At a scheduled Alliance Council meeting, a Council quorum shall be determined at any time a vote is called. A Council quorum for any voting actions by the Council (other than approving minutes of previous meetings, discussing current or future meeting agendas) shall be calculated as at least 50% of the number of elected Alliance Council members who have:

been marked as present for the current meeting at the time the vote is called, and

who were also marked as present at the previous Alliance Council meeting

plus 1.

The committee is also collecting ideas for other suggested revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws. Cameron presented a draft of potential revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws, including proposed roles of an executive committee, and much discussion ensued.

  1. End of year business meeting – Brian Prouty
    The committee currently consists of Brian, Kris and Jerry. The committee will work with the front office to determine date and agenda for the annual business meeting with the Alliance. All Council members are expected to attend.


  1. Discussion with Front Office – Dan Roe
    Dan and Paul met recently with Adrian Hanauer, Bart Wiley, and Taylor Graham. Discussion topics included ideas for the Sounders 40th anniversary in 2014, the annual Alliance business meeting, the executive committee concept for Council, stadium improvements, Cascadia away ticket allocation, and inviting front office representatives to share information at Council meetings.


New business:

  1. Matchpass – Likkit Pocinwong
    Dan relayed an update from Likkit. The Matchpass program is still evolving, and the front office is aware of what has gone well and what hasn’t during the course of the season. They are looking to other organizations with similar programs for additional ideas and improvements.
  1. 2013 Kit – Ken Wyatt
    Ken noted concerns with the 2013-2014 rave green jersey and instances of lettering that doesn’t survive laundering. The lettering and logos do not adhere well to this specific fabric.
  2. Next Meeting – Dan Roe
    The next meeting will be on Thursday, November, 21, at 7 pm. Location to be announced.