2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: September 2013

Alliance Council Meeting

10:00 am, September 15, 2013

Attendees (25/45): Paul Cox, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Ron Lamb, Rachel Molloy, Kris Mydske, Likkit Pocinwong, Dan Roe, Mark Winchester, Kevin Zelko, Mike Dollard, Matthew Goecks, Kevin Hughbanks, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Randy Nunez, Matt Oak, Keith Osterhoudt, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Heather Satterberg, Stephanie Steiner, Dylan Vanderhoof, Glenn White, Brian Winchester.

Old Business

  1. Scarf Design contest debrief – Dan Roe
    There were more than 240 submissions, despite the limited PR and time allowed to submit designs. Dan reported that the judges’ top five were ruled out by the front office due to limitations on use of the former Sounders’ logo or use of the Space Needle in the design. The winning design was created by Garrett Amini.
  2. Constitution and Bylaws Committee– Paul Cox
    Paul proposed that council provide guidance to the committee on proposing an executive committee, discussed later under new business. McKenzie’s proposed amendment to bylaw 6 to the definition of quorum was introduced. Glenn proposed changing the focus of the amendment because the constitution doesn’t allow creation of different classes of Alliance Council members. Glenn will offer an amendment to the resolution at the next meeting.

New Business

  1. Third-party sponsor branding of Alliance / Council – Glenn White
    Glenn proposed a resolution to restrict corporate branding of the Alliance logos or other brand messaging, and subsequent removal of Root Sports from any current Alliance identity. Glenn will make edits to the resolution based on Council discussion.
  2. Sounders 40th anniversary patch – Glenn White
    Glenn introduced a resolution for a patch to be affixed to 2014 kit tops to honor the 40-year history of the Seattle Sounders. The front office is amenable to this idea.

WHEREAS the 2014 MLS Season is the 40th anniversary of the first season the Seattle Sounders played; and
WHEREAS the fans and supporters of Sounders FC recognize the importance of honoring the rich and glorious history of the Seattle Sounders;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED on behalf of the fans and supporters of Seattle Sounders FC, that the Alliance Council recommends the addition of a 40th Anniversary patch to be affixed in some way to all 2014 kit tops worn by players during the calendar year 2014.

The Alliance Council will suggest designs and locations for the patch. The delivery of those suggestions is subject to timing to be given by Sounders FC, so as to accommodate approvals, creation, and attachment of the patches.

It is acknowledged that such patches would also make excellent memorabilia for fans and supporters, and Seattle Sounders FC may wish to make them available through the Team Store or other merchandising outlets.
This resolution passed unanimously. A committee consisting of Glenn, Likkit and Kris will develop a design for the patch.

  1. Open discussion
    Attendance spreadsheet – Glenn White
    Glenn has developed a spreadsheet to help determine quorum to use for roll call at time of votes. This will be useful with potential changes to bylaw 6.

    Topics for the constitution/bylaws committee – Paul Cox
    – Proposal to create executive committee for discussion between front office and council. The constitution/bylaw committee will be asked to draft the roles and authorities for review by council. The committee should have an odd number of members, include the three officers, at-large members, and include a mechanism to remove or replace a member, as needed.
    – Proposal to develop standing meeting dates – discussed whether this should be in bylaw or constitution. Council recommends that the dates be set in the bylaws rather than the constitution. Recommendation to constitution and bylaw committee to poll all council members regarding a set date, and develop a proposal for 2014. Council unanimously agreed that a quorum of 2/3 of council members will be required for a vote on meeting dates to occur.

  2. End of year business meeting
    Brian, Stephanie, Kris, and Leann volunteered to form a planning committee.
  3. Next meeting – Paul Cox
    Wednesday, October 16, 7 pm; Stadium