2012 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: September 2012

date: Sat, Sept. 8, 2012

time: post-game

location: stadium

Attendees (14/20): Angeline Bounds, Dave Clark, McKenzie Clark, Paul Cox, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Evan Kolius, Ron Lamb, Rachel Molloy, Kris Mydske, Likkit Pocinwong, Dan Roe, Mark Winchester, Kevin Zelko.
Front office representative: Bart Wiley

  1. Dave Clark resigned his position on Council due to his new status as contractor to Sounders FC. He will be preparing stories about Council.


Old business:

  1. Selection of Two Alliance Charities – Dave Clark

Following Dave Clark’s resignation from Council, Angie volunteered to lead this effort. She will gather information and ideas from Dave.

  1. General Manager Retention Vote– Paul Cox

Paul and Bart Wiley reported on current plans for promoting the vote and the voting process. Sounders FO will make multiple announcements and provide interviews. There will be both in-stadium and online voting options for Alliance members. Council will be helping out at the stadium, and there may be additional voting events. The resolution passed by Council at the July meeting was amended, removing the final paragraph related to amending the Bylaws and coordinating with the Club. The revised resolution passed unanimously.

  1. Alliance STH Scarf Design Competition for 2013 – Daniel Roe
    Due to the schedule and budget constraints, the scarf competition will not go forward this year as originally envisioned. Adidas needs a final design by October 7th. Council approved a compromise plan in which the SSFC design team will provide designs to Council for final selection for the 2013 season. This allows time for the Club to develop an online design submittal option for next year.
  1. Resolution on Banning PA Noise – McKenzie Martin Clark
    Council agreed that stadium PA noise issues have improved.
  1. Resolution on Future Kit Designs for 2014 – Dave Clark
    Bart Wiley provided an update and offered to invite Sue Harris, Sounders FC Director of Retail Operations, to meet with Council to further explain the design process and other factors involved in selecting new kit designs.
  1. Resolution on Championship Banners – Paul Cox
    New banners, celebrating previous A-League championships, were not included in the SSFC 2012 budget. Bart indicated that these could be planned for 2013.
  1. SSFC Crest Resolution – Mark Winchester

Bart Wiley explained that crest design (and any modifications on the kits) is considered a business decision of the Club, not the Alliance.

  1. Council Communications / Alliance Feedback – Roberta King
    Council approved the committee’s proposal to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts to help relay information from Council. Evan will manage the two accounts, with backup provided by Kris.
    Roberta is editing outdated information on the Alliance and Council on the SSFC website; Ron and Dan will help review. Roberta reported that we now have a friendlURLfor the Sounders FC eBallot login page,

New business:

  1. End of Year Business Planning Committee

Angie , Paul, Kris, Mark and Kevin volunteered to work with the Club to plan the 2012 business meeting. Bart Wiley indicated that December 13 is the tentative date. The results of the General Manager retention vote will be revealed at the meeting.

  1. Next meeting
    The next meeting is planned for October 6thor 14th, depending on front office availability.
  1. Open discussion

Leann Johnson: Jr. Alliance