2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: August 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field

Present (12 of 48): Jon Burris, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza,
Pablo Mendoza, Jeff Randle, Erin Riley, Heather Satterberg, Stephanie Steiner, Dylan Vanderhoof, Kelly Weiler

Guest:   Andrew Opatkiewicz

Next meeting:    Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza

  1. 12 of 48 members present
  2. 12 needed to establish quorum
  • FO guest speaker – Andrew Opatkiewicz
  • Joined FO four weeks ago from Chicago
  • Focused on elevating, planning for and launching second team
  • Mid-September official announcement and launch event
  • USL Pro – “winning is learned and you are the future”
    • Taking place of Sounders Reserve League; term “reserve” no longer appropriate
    • Number one goal is player development
    • Team kit design, sponsorship and name still TBD
    • Likely to maintain mark and name for brand consistency
    • Starfire location most likely for foreseeable future
    • Matches on Friday nights or Sunday afternoons when first team is away
    • Affordable pricing and goal to sell out every match (4k fans)
    • 14-15 home matches each season, potential for three playoff matches, and no friendly
    • Coaching TBD; separate head coach with good working relationship with Sigi
  • Every USL Pro team to play in an Open Cup
  • Components of club designed to give back and interact with the community
  • Working closely with VAN and PDX to boost rivalry and build version of Cascadia Cup
  • Utilize digital media (e.g., YouTube stream for every match) to promote connection to club
  • Aim to increase accessibility with improved parking and public transportation options
  • Opportunity develop sports executives in FO
  • Fan ownership ideas
    • Elected Board of Governors; President part of Executive Team (Packers model)
    • Limit number of people on Board to ensure all have a voice
    • Ownership buy-in provides capital to expand on training facilities (e.g., every founding member owns a brick)
    • Deeper discounted season tickets for those who purchase share
    • Ownership limited to 3,200 to allow for 800 single match tickets
  • AC input
    • Outreach to all youth teams (not just select); foster connection between youth players and USL Pro coaches
    • Friendlies unimportant; care if a player gets hurt more than if we win
    • Give fans incentive to recruit others and create authentic atmosphere
    • Preference to allow beer/alcohol in grandstands
    • Consider ECS Barra Fuerza Verde model of creating a family atmosphere while supporting
    • Outreach to diverse population in Tukwila (consider bilingual, cash only, etc.) and ECS Pub League
    • Desire for exclusive item as club owner (e.g., retro kit); visible sign of ownership
    • Incentives that route back to ProShop (e.g., store credit or discount)
    • Separate opportunity to purchase a share and brick
    • Avoid pricing out authentic atmosphere by having all seats sold to owners
    • Ensure opportunities for connection aren’t exclusively tied to financial investment

 III. Open items – pushed to September agenda

 IV.  Adjournment – meeting adjourned