2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: August 2015

7:00 p.m. The NINETY

Present (8 of 32): Jerry Neil, Kelly Weiler, Stephanie Steiner, Cameron Collins, Hans Ulland, Craig Dillon, Kristina Vaughn, Paul Cox

Next meeting:    Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 7:00PM

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll call – Kristina Vaughn – 8 of 32 members present

III. Approval of minutes – Motion to approve July minutes made by Kristina, second by Hans. Motion passes.

IV. Old Business – Stephanie Steiner

  • Supporter Group bylaw proposal
    • Stephanie moves to vote during the September meeting. Cameron seconds, motion to vote on this passes.

V. Anticipated Owner Meeting – Stephanie Steiner

  • Soon – will be announced in coming weeks

VI. Break – skipped

VII. GM Recall Update

  •  Alliance wide voting
    • Proposal to amend bylaw 2
  • Council voting
    • Attendance Bylaw proposal
      • Paul to revise for September meeting

VIII. Adjournment – Jerry moves to adjourn the meeting, Craig seconds. Motion passes.