2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: July 2015

7:00 p.m. Seattle Sounders FC Conference Room

Present: (11 of 32):    Kyle Boyd, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Roberta King, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Dan Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Hans Ulland, Kristina Vaughn

Next meeting:                              Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 7:00 PM

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll call – Kristina Vaughn – 11 of 32 members present

III. Approval of minutes – Motion to approve May minutes seconded by Kyle; motion passes. Motion to approve June minutes seconded by Kyle, motion passes.

IV. Supporter Group Work Group Update – Stephanie Steiner

  1. One of our duties/rights/responsibilities named in the Charter
  2. History: started for Cascadia ticketing purpose
  3. Proposal for vote: revise Bylaw 7 to eliminate the last two sections/lines of bylaw – Kyle moves to table this proposal until the end of the meeting, Cameron seconds, motion passes

V. Visibility Work Group Update – Roberta King

  1. Working on getting better access to Alliance Council content on SSFC website
    1. Search by tag
  2. Monthly “minutes” write up – currently written by Karl
  3. No content calendar as of yet
    1. Need volunteers to write op-ed pieces
  4. AC highlights (2-3 per month)
    1. Expectations of 1st AC meeting
    2. What do you bring to AC if in a Supporter Group?
    3. More personal info – What do you do?
    4. How do you live the Sounders way – Passion, Courage, Community

VI. Scarf Vote – Kristina Vaughn

  1. Timeline set for scarf design
  2. Summer scarf vs winter scarf
  3. Need volunteers for the team: Jerry, Cameron, Dan, Roberta

VII. Community – Kristina Vaughn

  1. Water Carry event at March to the Match festivities on August 1 – more information to come following a meeting with WGHA

VIII. GM Vote Work Group Update – Cameron/Stephanie

  1. Continued discussion on Front Office’s POV
    1. Defining “unanimous”
    2. Communication plan
  • Signature gathering – FO does not like idea
  1. Creating a Code of Conduct in the Bylaws
  2. Creating a budget for the Alliance Council for 2016?
    1. Add a small amount of money to STH cost?
    2. Kyle will head the Budget Proposal Group
      1. Create rules and proposals
      2. Skeleton budget

IX. Old Business

a) Supporter Group proposal tabled to August meeting

X. Adjournment – Dan moves to adjourn meeting, Cameron seconds – motion passes