2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: May 2015

7:00 p.m.  Seattle Sounders FC Front Office

Present (12 of 32): Sam Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Roberta King, Leann Johnson, Angelica Mendoza, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Stephanie Steiner, Hans Ulland, Kristina Vaughn, Kelly Weiler

Guests:  Petyr Beck (Documentary Media), Maya Mendoza

Next meeting:    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

I.  Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza – 12 of 32 members present (13 needed to establish quorum)

III. Approval of minutes – Stephanie Steiner – Motion to approve April minutes passed

IV.  Guest Speakers – Petyr Beck and Maya Mendoza

  • Petyr Beck – Documentary Media publishing company and former college roommate of Adrian
  • Maya Mendoza – General Counsel for SSFC and Executive Director of Rave Foundation
    • Father, Fred Mendoza, served as General Counsel and saw transition of SSFC to MLS
    • Maya began when SSFC separated from Seahawks
  • Rave Foundation is a wholly separate 501(c)(3)
    • Created by Adrian to give back to Seattle soccer community and provide opportunities for those who cannot afford to play
    • Increase equity, opportunity and accessibility of the game
    • Allow for more urban participation
    • Design tennis court-sized urban fields for free, small pick-up games
    • First fields may be part of Yesler Terrace project and ideas to part of waterfront designs
  • Legacy book project that captures unique relationship between the community and team
    • A look at the team over the last 40 years of professional soccer
    • Coffee-table style, large, 200-page landscape book featuring images and stories
    • Mostly visual and less narration
    • Feature mid-70s team today
    • Bring in stories from the community coupled with compelling images
    • Images not only of match-day in the stadium, but also local bars, fields, etc.
    • Demonstrate the love for soccer in Seattle and commemorate the Pacific NW relationship with the team
    • Tribute to soccer in the community driven by images, quotes and stories
    • Include all supporter communities (e.g., more diverse south-end populations)
    • Council to help solicit stories, photos and experiences
    • Maya and Petyr interested in all types of feedback and suggestions; contact via email
      • 83-94 intervening time
      • NASL Sounders marketing directly to young people while MLS Sounders targeting adults with children
      • Players throughout the decades
      • Marketing campaigns with scarves throughout the city
      • Culture of 2009 opening MLS season to today
      • Personal perspective of supporter culture from within
      • Away match experiences
      • USOC family make-up and how it differentiates from S2 and First Team matches
      • Supporter group representation over the years
    • Rave Foundation project, so outside of MLS control
    • Maya considering summer intern to help with Rave Foundation and book generation
    • What stats would we like to see?
    • Considering eight-page fold-out with timeline displayed; perhaps showing jersey colors and designs over time
    • Collecting ideas and building content all through the summer

 V. Old Business

a) Changes to Charter – GM vote – Stephanie Steiner

  • Stephanie and Kyle Boyd presenting AC ideas to Taylor Graham
  • Engaging in collaborative conversation with the Club until we have a resolution to concerns
  • Club wants GM recall procedures in writing
    • More clarity on what vote actually means; confidence versus no confidence vote
    • Need to determine percentage of people required to petition for recall
    • Votes should be blind; FO should not be able to see who votes which way
    • Anonymous voting needs to be emphasized in advertising
    • Build more power into the recall vote and ability to call as needed, rather than be concerned about circumvention by the Club
  • Will need to detail vote advertising frequency, time of day, medium, etc.
  • If Club will not allow us to reach out to fan base directly, it has to be responsible for doing the work and absorbing the costs associated
  • Letter to Taylor expressing that conversation re GM vote is pending
  • Suggestion that we are too concerned about 48-month limitation; general fan is maybe only concerned with ability to vote on GM rather than when voting occurs
  • Goal should be to ensure the greatest number of Alliance members vote
  • Greatest fan engagement in October; shouldn’t timeline work backwards from there?
  • Consider engaging in soft polling with existing options and throwing out those that receive minimal votes
  • Stephanie and Kyle drafted four question to pose to fans
    • Put questions into blog form to be tweeted out one at a time
    • SSFC will distribute via social media
  • Requested Sounder at Heart to feature the blog

VI. Work group updates

  • Year-end meeting – Stephanie Steiner
    • Email went to FO to check on date and venue for this year
  • Supporter group recognition – Daniel Roe
    • Daniel, Mark Nesteroff and Brendan Vaughn participating in conference call to discuss
    • Sending clarification questions to Taylor
  • Community involvement – Kristina Vaughn
    • Pioneer Square clean-up event on May 16 (VAN away)
      • Viewing party post-event
      • Kristina Vaughn to clarify how many people are needed
      • RSVPs needed by May 8
    • Kristina met with Roger Levesque to discuss United in Green initiatives
      • Rave Green run in Kirkland – 9k, 5k and kids run
      • March to the Match water carry in support of clean water initiatives in Africa; hoping for 1,200 people and Guiness World Record
      • Considering July match; more info at June meeting
  • Communication – Karl Picard
    • Karl now managing Twitter account
      • Currently 2,500 Twitter followers versus 900 Likes on Facebook; need to pump numbers up
      • Goal to tweet twice a day with a photo and/or link
      • Shane willing to retweet by request
    • Work group is developing guidelines for appropriate communication via social media
  • Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passed