2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: November 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field

Present (20 of 48): Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Woody Favinger, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Jerry Neil, Randy Nunez, Likkit Pocinwong, Brian Prouty, Erin Riley, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, Lee White

Next meeting:    Saturday, November 17, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. (prior to EOY Business Meeting)

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza – 20 of 48 members present (12 needed to establish quorum)

III. Approval of minutes – Paul Cox – Motion to approve October minutes passed

 IV. Open items

  • EOY Business Meeting – Stephanie Steiner
    • Meeting with ownership from 5-6 p.m.
    • Awaiting final agenda from FO
    • Kris Mydske and Lee White managing Q&A portion
    • AC presentation
      • Shift of structure with Executive Committee and work groups
      • Work group accomplishments notable by and impacting Alliance
      • Championship banners
      • Meeting with Adidas; third kit design and women’s attire
      • Emphasis on how individuals are elected to AC
    • Tables for Alliance Members and Sounders Community Trust
  • Jock tag design – Paul Cox
    • Will not be mentioned at EOY meeting
    • In communication with Mayor’s Office re use of City of Seattle logo; mid-November decision
    • December 1 deadline to submit design
    • Sam Chesneau to send request to Duwamish tribe to approve use as well
    • Likkit Pocinwong and Jerry Neil will design back-up option if either City of Seattle or Duwamish tribe rejects proposal
  • Soccer Hall of Fame – Paul Cox
    • New location needed
    • Pioneer Square a possibility, but expensive to fund
    • Suggestion to combine display with Clubhouse
    • Similar to WA State Hall of Fame with traveling exhibits from National Hall of Fame
    • City providing grants to help small businesses form cultural/heritage exhibits (e.g., pinball museum)
    • Proposed resolution: AC supports honoring WA State’s contribution to US soccer; unanimous approval

V. Open discussion

  • October 27 match wanding
    • Insufficient number of wanders or space
    • Some with 45-minute delay from entry to seats
    • Many missed new banner presentation and first kick
    • Bag check goes faster than wanding
    • Bigger march, stronger push for fans to enter early and full stadium match all contributors to delay
    • Training and consistency issues
    • Discuss with FO prior to and/or at EOY Business Meeting outlining specific concerns
      • Consistency with bag handling; whether to set it down or not, and where
      • Number of wanders per line
      • Distance between bag check and wander should be increased
      • Number of staff for open bowl matches
  • Univision
    • 16-minute piece on SSFC and soccer in Seattle
    • Aired on national network
    • Discussed the Club, supporter groups, AC, players, etc.
    • SSFC retweeted link November 3
    • Missing Latino viewership and fan base
  • 2015 planning
    • First Tuesday of every month meeting day
    • Set and advertise schedule ahead of time so that candidates may determine if it makes sense to run for election based on schedule
    • Double-check Mariners schedule to make sure meetings will not conflict; only three conflicting games next season
    • Consider meeting at Clubhouse and parking in north lot, if available
    • Allow new members to have input in decision; find out who has been elected and float first Tuesday preference now
  • Sounders Community Trust (SCT)
    • S2 discounted tickets on-sale with purchase of SCT membership
    • 750 available (plus additional 200 for ECS members)
    • Unlimited number of Founders Club memberships available at this time (approximately 800 sold)
    • 2-4 Board positions available to fill during the season
    • S2 hired ticketing, public relations and marketing staff
    • Schedule tentatively all Friday and Sunday matches (with exception of Open Cup)
    • Good time to get involved, and ideas are welcomed

VI. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passed