2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: October 2014

7:00 p.m.  CenturyLink Field

Present (15 of 48): Kyle Boyd, Samuel Chesneau, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Woody Favinger,
Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Likkit Pocinwong, Brian Prouty, Daniel Roe, Kristina Vaughn, Kelly Weiler, Lee White

Guests:  Taylor Graham, John Rizzardini

Next meeting:    Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II.Roll call – Angelica Mendoza

  1. 15 of 48 members present
  2. 12 needed to establish quorum

III. Approval of minutes – Paul Cox – Motion to approve September minutes passed

IV. FO guest speakers

  • John Rizzardini
    • Originally with Seahawks and returned in February to assist SSFC with launch of new office
    • Leased 12,000 square feet of office space and 3,500 square feet of store front on seven-year lease
      • Private-functioning store front space for viewing parties, player appearances, press conferences, etc.
      • “Sounders Clubhouse”
      • Planned festive décor honoring history and appropriate atmosphere to host events
        • Trophy cases
        • Memorabilia (old kits, banners from visiting teams, etc.)
        • As much team nostalgia as possible
        • Tifo displays throughout the years
        • At least one seasonal wall to always keep the display interesting
        • Soccer hall of fame
        • Rotating exhibit items
        • Mosaic of crest out front or on the floor
        • Organized so that it’s easy to get in and out and take photos
      • No revenue plan other than renting it out for private events
      • Holds 175 people mixed seated/standing
      • Caterer with liquor license planned for Phase I
      • 12 viewing parties planned with question of how to encourage attendance
        • Player appearances
        • Coach to answer questions about strategy
        • Family-friendly so that parents may bring children
        • Match Pass points available (entry with Match Pass card)
        • Inclusive/flat fee menu
      • Consider hosting radio shows (e.g., KJR, Sonar Feed, podcasts)
      • Supporter groups to rotate hosting viewing parties to introduce membership to space
      • Email John and/or Taylor with additional Clubhouse ideas
  • Taylor Graham
    • EOY celebration set for Saturday, November 15
      • Hope that non-match Saturday and new Paramount Theatre location will increase attendance
      • Will distribute agenda and link to submit questions to AC
      • Normal AC year-end summary with Q&A to follow
    • Recognition for Landon Donovan on October 27
      • Presentation when he gets off of the bus
      • Chihuly piece in red, white and blue
      • Xbox console personalized for USMNT
    • No on-field presentation; everything will be done in the back of the house, filmed and played during warm-ups
    • Match Pass reward for Alliance member to give gifts to Landon on behalf of the club with one AC member
    • Drawing of interested AC members; Samuel Chesneau selected to present
  • Always looking for ideas for Match Pass rewards

 V. Open items – pushed to September agenda

  • Alliance logo – Kyle Boyd
    • Symbolizes who we are as an Alliance and AC
    • Blue shield in crest expanded as it represents the fans
    • Present new logo to Alliance at EOY celebration
    • Taylor will discuss two final design options with the FO and update AC
  • Jock tag design – Paul Cox
    • Design due for kits by December 1
    • First round selection to be completed by AC only rather than a contest
    • Tag will be on all three kits in 2016
    • Send Likkit Pocinwong and Jerry Neil ideas
  • Scarf design – Kristina Vaughn
    • Winner (option 3) notified
    • Daniel Roe and Kristina notifying runner-ups this week
    • Winner announced pre-match during warm-ups on October 27
    • Video boards will display scarf selected by Alliance
    • Suggestion to display photo of winner, if unable to be there in-person
    • Question to produce as a summer or winter scarf
      • Taylor to confirm that quote is the same for summer or winter
      • Consider pushing final choice back a week to allow poll at EOY celebration
      • AC to poll constituents for general preference
  • 2016 scarf competition – Daniel Roe
    • Adobe offered to sponsor product to assist in creative experience/design submission
    • Product free for one month whether used to design a scarf or not
    • Winner would receive a year’s worth of Adobe products
    • Adobe logo does not need to be included anywhere; SSFC sensitive to avoid logos on anything fan-initiated with the exception of Adidas
    • Online tutorial available for those who would like to utilize free trial
    • No requirements to use Adobe product in designing scarf, provide credit card information, or sign-up for a newsletter
    • Important for AC to support sponsorship opportunities when possible
    • Motion to allow Adobe to sponsor 2016 scarf design contest passed
  • EOY meeting – Brian Prouty
    • AC to present eight-minute summary of achievements over the year
      • Announce scarf design winner and whether winter or summer
      • Announce new Alliance logo
      • Normal Q&A period
    • Promote attendance
    • Alcohol will be available
    • AC and supporter group tables set-up
    • Possible for club photographer to be present to make all photos available online post-event
  • S2 – Paul Cox
    • Summary of October 14 launch
    • Founders Club membership available to all fans and supporter groups

VI.  Open discussion

  • Drums in north end – Kristina Vaughn
    • Drumming interfering with match atmosphere
    • North end bleachers designated as supporter group area (flags, standing and drums allowed)
    • Kristina to discuss with FO and update AC as needed
  • November meeting – Angelica Mendoza
    • November 11 meeting shifted to November 18 due to holiday
    • Recommendation to shift up to November 4 to allow meeting prior to EOY celebration

 VII.  Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passed