2015 Meeting Recaps

Meeting Recap: October 2015

This is the sixth in a series of meeting recaps.

Photo by Angelica Germani

By Karl Picard

October 13, 2015

The October Alliance Council meeting took place on the 6th at The NINETY.  We had a pretty full agenda as this was the second to last meeting of 2015.

Our first order of business was an update about the Scarf vote, we looked over the finalists that the scarf committee had submitted to the front office.  Voting has already started and will run through the 23rd.  Here are the finalists and voting site. The winner will be announced at the last home match.  While we did get a decent number of submissions it was down from previous years.  We think this is due to a lower level of publicity, but we’d like to hear from the Alliance as to why you think we have fewer entries.  Feel free to send an email to or comment on our Facebook page.

The next order of business was working to close out some of the Constitution and Bylaw work we’ve had going on all season.  We’ve been working to ensure all our documentation is the most up-to-date version and that our storage drive has all of our historical minutes, and documents. The goal is to get all of our new work voted on at our November meeting and start the 2016 season will the cleanest version of the Constitution and Bylaws.  This would also provide the foundation for us to get all changes out to the Alliance for a vote in 2016.  The updated constitution and bylaws will include General Manager Vote and Recall (once all of that is written into articles and bylaws) as well as support group bylaw changes and alliance council attendance and voting status changes.

We then moved into covering the details on this year’s business meeting.  In case you missed it, it will be on Nov 12th with doors opening at 6 and the presentation starting at 7.  We’ve moved it to a weekday this year.  You can, as in years past, get your questions in for the panel to address. There are a couple ways, at the website link above, via email to, or using Twitter and the hashtag  #SFCBiz.  We are exploring ways to get more people to attend the meeting in 2016.  We’d love to hear input on what the Alliance would like to see, add, or change, so please send us an email at, post something on our Facebook page, or send us a tweet at @AllianceCouncil.

Lastly, voting for Alliance Members for 2016 is still open.  Head over to and vote for someone to represent you, or nominate yourself to be on the Alliance Council.  Being part of the Alliance Council takes dedication, time management, and a commitment to see projects through to the end. Click here to learn more about the Alliance Council.