2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: September 2015

September 1, 2015
7:00 p.m.
The Ninety

Present (15 of 32): Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Daniel Roe,
Stephanie Steiner, Hans Ulland, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, Kelly Weiler
Via telephone: Kyle Boyd
Next meeting: Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza – 15 of 32 members present

III. Approval of minutes – Stephanie Steiner – Motion to approve August minutes passed

IV. Old Business
a) Scarf design – Kristina Vaughn
• To be announced September 8 in a press release and call for designs
• 18 will be selected and then narrowed to final five
• Committee will have six participants determining final designs for voting
• Voting period will be October 2-9 with the winner announced in October
• SSFC to select summer or winter weight

b) Season Ticket Member renewal calls – Paul Cox
• Craig Dillon and Paul Cox participated and each called 12-20 members
o Most intended to renew
o None referenced price as prohibitive
o Praise for six-month over five-month payment plan
o Partial season packages helpful for those who cannot attend all matches
• General confusion about Renew for Life option
o Uncertainty about opting out versus opting in every year

c) Bylaw updates – Stephanie Steiner
• Supporter group recognition (Bylaw 7)
o Line struck providing option to eliminate supporter group
o Bylaw reworked; last two paragraphs removed
o No need for renewal as there is no mechanism to do so
o Motion to vote to approve modification of bylaw passed (14 for and 1 against)

• Leave of absence (Bylaw 8)
o Historically, AC attendance has been between 33-51%
     Bylaw passed previously to help make it easier to meet quorum
     Difficulty meeting quorum resumed after approximately two meetings
     Necessity for bylaw amendment prevalent during voting regarding GM recall procedures
o Leave may be necessary due to work schedule, life changes, etc.
o Temporary non-voting status for those who miss more than half of five meetings or more (running total)
o Non-voting status lasts for two months (60 days)
      Unable to attend ownership meetings
      Ineligible to receive special invitations
o Two ways to stay involved with AC without impeding ability to get business done
      Ex-Oficio status for entire term; still active, but unable to attend meetings
      Leave of Absence status for finite period of time
i. Not included in quorum count and able to return to full-fledged voting status upon return
ii. Previous two absences start leave of absence
o Neither Ex-Oficio nor Leave of Absence status extend AC term
o No notice regarding absence constitutes a resignation; Executive Committee is not responsible for following-up with those who do not provide notice
o Call-in is an acceptable form of attendance
o Consider including voting status on website in the future, so that those voting know status/attendance history
o Include attendance in published meeting notes
o Regular meeting day and time should be included on website when someone considers running for AC
o Concern regarding inability to participate in meeting with ownership after missing the two prior meetings
      Would rather see it limited to non-voting members only
      Ex-Oficio and voting members able to attend
      Argument that attendance at previous two meetings allows for active engagement in current topics
      Predisposed higher attendance at ownership meetings given that they are held on a match day or prior to the EOY business meeting
      Motion to amend amendment to bylaw and strike “who have missed the previous two regularly scheduled monthly meetings” failed (3 for, 7 against, 5 abstained)
o Modification does not apply retroactively; only moving forward beginning next year
      Note that per Bylaw 5, any modification will take effect immediately, unless language of amendment is changed to begin in 2016
      Motion to add language noting beginning in 2016 passed (10 for and 5 abstained)
      Bylaw would not apply to those who don’t receive meeting notice two weeks in advance
o Motion to pass proposed amendment to Bylaw 8 passed (9 for, 2 against, 4 abstained)

• Alliance-wide voting
o Currently restricted on when we may put votes out to entire Alliance
o Appropriate that we call for an Alliance-wide vote at any time for any reason
o Will continue to work with SSFC to strategize timing, reach, etc.
o Motion to vote passed (unanimous); motion to amend the bylaw passed (unanimous)

d) GM vote and recall update – Stephanie Steiner
• AC proposal submitted to SSFC and agreement was reached; Maya Mendoza and Taylor Graham approved
• No additional feedback from owners, so will present to ownership at next meeting
• Procedures only; not a bylaw, charter or article, but will eventually be broken up into those elements as appropriate
• Timelines for four year calculation were cleaned-up; vote will always happen at end of season (October)
• Suggestion to create a simple infographic for every day fan to understand general concept and process
• Need to define whether percentages are all members or all voting members
• Final, legal document will be fine-tuned further and properly worded
• Unanimous vote accepting the proposal

V. New Business
a) Media updates
• New Sounders app will be tested for 6-8 weeks
• AC to have opportunity to test

b) Ticketing updates – Stephanie Steiner
• Executive Committee had a phone call with FO ticketing representatives
• $.50-3.00 increase per seat per match next season
• SSFC has been successful in getting lower bowl seats back that were owned by ticket brokers for resale
• Upper 122 STHs were polled and prefer assigned seating as opposed to GA

VI. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passed