2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: May 2016

May 3, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (16 of 21): Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Eric Flatness, Bill Kaczaraba, Roberta King, Angelica Germani, Thom Kephart, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, and Kristina Vaughn.

Via telephone (2): Brian Prouty and Jeff Randle.

Absent (3): Martin Buckley, Nick Gibson, and Brendan Vaughn.

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner (Executive Committee President)

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 16 of 21 Present

III. April Minutes – Stephanie Steiner Made official.

IV. New Business

 A. Constitution Updates

→ Gender Neutrality: Updated all his or hers in every one to “member” or “councilmember” as previously voted upon. Made Bylaw 9 change from they or themselves. Question about previous plan to ask groups what would be appropriate We found a way to structure it so that it was not necessary to refer to any specific pronoun when speaking of an individual on council, so input was not necessary.

→ Article 3: MLS to League; #7: shorten sentence. Article 3 clarifies the Aims and Objectives of the Alliance. Is the League specific enough? Council feels yes. Further edits just to clean up superfluous language.

→ Article 4: Changing the definition of who is a member of the alliance. Suggestion: from 50% to any commercial season ticket package. Further membership criteria is then established in a new bylaw.

→ Article 5: Cleaned up language to reference a bylaw and took out all the language about ownership meetings so that the Article is easier to read and understand. deleted text here. BUSINESS YEAR? Proposal to change it to starting in December instead of February. Questions on how that changes? What happens to votes? Request that this be tabled so that it can be discussed at the next meeting. Seconded and passes.

→ Article 6: Clarifying language for 6.2: President and 6.5: Treasurer Article 6 edits are to clarify the language to set the agenda. Removes dates from Business year in case changes are made. 6.5 added language about treasurer that existed with the other officers. 6.2 says end of Business Year. Make 6.3 and 6.4 and 6.5 the same. Other capitalization needed throughout.

→ Article 7: Changes to verbiage to so it says executive committee or executive committee members, rather than board and directors. Sets a new maximum number of people on the executive committee to 9. Secretary becomes automatically on the exec committee. Corporate records changed to council records. Other small changes requested to have proper grammar and language consistency throughout the document. Question about how many do we have right now? 5 currently on EC. This would allow a Treasurer to join the EC if elected. Question on term? Is it indefinite? No, the Executive Committee is a term of one year.

→ Bylaw 5: Cleaned up language so it is laid out the proper order for things to be presented on the schedule. Question on the passive language concerning president scheduling the agenda: Should it be automatically on schedule? Discussion: what if it the schedule is full? What if they keep putting agenda stuff forth to stop a GM vote? But, what if the president is trying to stop a vote on that topic? This is specifically for amending Bylaws. We would need to put it for resolutions too PROPOSAL: after for scheduling… “on the agenda within two regularly scheduled Business Meetings”

→ Bylaw 8: Replaces “council” with “committee”

→ Bylaw 9: Eliminated the example in 9.1. Capitalized member throughout. A lot of other language cleanup.

QUESTION: Why can’t people on the phone vote? You cannot under Sturgis unless it is specifically written that way in the Constitution. Roberta and Karl will discuss writing up a change on this rule for the Council to consider.

→ Bylaw 10: When we were going through the Bylaws, we realized that there was officially no way to move meetings around, (like if a meeting was on a gameday) or call a new meeting. So this was created.

B. Agenda: By rule, our agenda has to be published two weeks prior and it is in place. It cannot be changed. However, there is always space in the new business portion to bring a new topic to the meeting. No one on Council asked to add the new bag rule to the meeting. Brendan Vaughn asked that a different topic be brought to the meeting, and it was declined because we discussed it 8 months ago and we already knew the answer (club pricing going a la carte). So, he was given all that information to pass along to those Alliance Members. But, if you have something you would like to bring to the Council, anyone on Council can bring it. If we need to write the resolution or the opinion statement, an AC member can write one and then the president will figure out what the AC member needs to get the proper resources and scheduling (per the rules in the Constitution). People can bring up anything else prior to the Agenda being published or during new business.

C. Bags: Eric expressed several concerns about the new bag rule for those who need to carry laptops and are coming to matches directly after work, or taking public transportation. Others shared their experiences regarding diaper bags, etc.

QUESTION: Do we know who proposed adopting the Seahawks bag policy? Councilmembers believe Sounders don’t care about customer service and treat people poorly. One heard the comment: “The Sounders are The Comcast of the MLS.” Paul Cox speaking on all the recent uproars: Historically, we have refrained from getting too much in the Club’s face. But they aren’t listening to the fans. They need someone specifically in the office to address fan needs. 2 things against us: 1) they get butts in the seats and 2) we haven’t asserted ourselves saying that they need to listen. Each person in that office should be watching out for the fans. But the main part of every person’s job who works for the Sounders is to make more money for the Sounders. That’s how their employees are evaluated. Supporters Direct in England highly recommend clubs have a position that is Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) to talk to ALL supporters (not just SGs). It’s time for this Council to assert itself a little more on a couple of these issues. Stephanie Steiner on the Council’s relationship with the club: Club takes resolutions they like and ignore the ones they don’t like. We also have a place on our own website that we can put pressure on them through our blog. We can do this AND do resolutions and opinion statements. This is an especially effective tool for showing differing sides to an issue: not all Council members agree, just as not all Alliance members agree on how issues should be addressed.

V. Adjourn Motion to adjourn because way over time proposed and passes.