2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: July 2016



July 12, 2016 – 6:00 PM – Sounders Conference Room

Present (20 of 21): Martin Buckley, Samuel Chesneau (NV), Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Eric Flatness, Angelica Germani, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Roberta King, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Jeff Randle, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, and Steve Wilson.
Via telephone (0): None

Absent (1): Brian Prouty (NV)

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.


I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 20 of 21 Present


III. Season Tickets Renewal – Mikaela Purvis

Renewals will launch on August 1. There are three types of accounts for renewal: those who are auto-renewed, those who opted out of renewal, and those that are new Season Ticket Holders and will be walked through the auto-renewal process. The decision was made to go with more information, rather than “fun,” so that the fans can make an educated decision. Each account will have its own personalized URL for the primary account holder to visit. Most things will go through this website, although Ticketmaster will still be used for processing credit cards to ensure secure transactions. S2 tickets will be include in this process, and the payment plans will be 1) all at once, 2) two payments, or 3) 6 equal payments taken on the first business day of each month.

Question: Will tickets be in the app again or will there be other options? They are currently looking in to other options besides only having tickets available in the app. Tickets will still be able to be printed through Ticketmaster either way.


IV. June Minutes – Approved


V. Old Business


a) Constitution and Bylaws Updates


Article 5

Proposed change: Changing it to “shall serve up to a two (2) year term” so that it makes clear it isn’t exactly two years, because you could be elected mid-year. Your term would end at the end of the second council business year where you are a member.

Motion to vote. Seconded. Passes Unanimously 17-0.

Article 11: General Manager Vote and Recall – Second Reading

Proposed Change: Formatted into legal format for the Constitution. Added definitions for league so that this would still apply if the league were to change.

Motion to vote. Seconded. Passes unanimously 17-0.

Article 8 & Bylaw 7: Supporter Groups

Motion to table Bylaw 7. Seconded. Passes 18-1.

Proposed change: Updated it to be less complicated because a lot of the language was vague. Eliminated any confusing text to make it short and sweet.

Discussion on the history of why supporter groups are listed in the Constitution. Several members are very passionate that it needs to be in here to prevent interference. Some discussion on what does interference mean and what enforcement does the Club grant to the Alliance Council. AC involvement with Supporter Groups revolved around Cascadia tickets historically.

Motion to table Article 8. Seconded. Passes unanimously 20-0.


Bylaw 5: Creating and Amending Bylaws – Third reading

Proposed change: Completely alters the bylaw with a new set of rules. A four step process that uses the Executive Committee to create a process that anyone can use, even non-council members.

Motion to vote. Seconded. Passes unanimously 20-0.



Bylaw 11 – Third reading

Amended to create a separate category for special meetings and give the ability to reschedule meetings.

Proposed change: Amendment to delete reference to times in the special meeting. Seconded. Passes unanimously. Passes 18-0 with one abstention.

Vote on the whole bylaw. Passes 19-0.


b) Resolutions Updates: Paul Cox on Supporters Liaison Officer – Second reading


Comments on Resolution:

It feels like we are asking for a lot, but maybe we could make a work group.

It feels like the Club has not talked to us about much. This could be a step in that direction.

We have to push the Club and make them work in partnership with us.

Concern that if there is someone in the office that they should go to instead, that they will go to that person, and then it will train the club not to come to AC. That person would end up spending more time with supporter groups.

Agrees with comment that this could hurt the AC and worries about telling them how to do their business. They aren’t customer service focused and we aren’t sure it will make that change.

Having worked at Amazon, there is an empty chair at all Amazon meetings that is meant to represent the customer. The Club needs to change their culture to serve the fans.

Motion to table. Seconded. Passes unanimously.



VI. New Business

a) Bylaws


Bylaw 4: Elections rules for Council – First reading

Request for an amendment to the language to say we need to “create and maintain” a website with the Sounders and to strike July 1 that was accidentally left in the clean version.


Bylaw 3: Method for introducing topics for a binding vote or a non-binding opinion statement – First reading

Introduced new language that mimics bylaw 5 on how to propose things and eliminates any sentence that references it.



b) Work Group Updates

GM Vote and Recall: Work is complete. Only thing left to do is to work on the Charter itself and propose writing a new, updated charter.


Constitution & Bylaws: The changes already voted upon just need to be updated in to the working copy of the constitution.


Visibility: Active on social media. Not much beyond that. Having a meet and greet with AC and the fans that allows for voting and introductions. Come up with a survey for our group of Ninety vs North Courtyard.


Alliance Members Giveaways: We’ve talked about ideas for potentially an alternative to a scarf. Given the cost of merchandise, it is hard to find something valuable that would replace a scarf. A new possibility exists of giving Alliance Members the option to opt out of a scarf and donate the cost to a charitable arm of the Club (the Rave Foundation). They are investigating whether this would be a good option.


Kits: AC Members gave some input. We have some possible neck tape and jock tag design opportunities like in the past.


Outreach: Met with Mikaela to discuss what the AC can do for outreach. One important thing that came out of it was to reiterate that the club needs to have more outreach to the Latino community.


Seating Expectations: No update at present. Need more volunteers for the group. Jeremy joins the seating expectations committee.


Women’s Clothing: No update. Somewhat dependent upon jerseys.


Scarf Vote: A lot of discussion is on the back-burner until ticket renewal goes live. But back and forth on the vote and concerns about how it was run last year and getting “screen time” in the stadium.


c) Proposal from AC President & the Club – Stephanie Steiner

Proposal to set it up so the first hour of most meeting is a strategy session with the Front Office on one topic. Different topic at each meeting. One concern from club is that we will NOT be voting on business of club. The Club will be proposing the calendar and it will start this year.

One worry from AC we could be seen even more as a focus group, we’ll have to make sure the FO staffers do not come in with ideas already firm and try to sell them to us.

One pro: We will have more people involved in more conversations and the ability to work ahead of the FO’s deadlines.


d) Alliance Resolution on Recognition of Drew Carey

Since we have the ability to select the honorary chairperson, as stated in the Constitution, this resolution would recognize Drew Carey as the original chairperson in any Alliance statement or resolution relating to the chairperson so that there is a distinction in the event that we begin naming a new one annually.


VII. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn is seconded, and passes.

* For purposes of this document NV shall refer to Non-Voting Status.