2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: November 2016



November 1, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (11 of 19): Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Eric Flatness, Roberta King, Karl Picard, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, and Steve Wilson.

Via telephone (0): None

Absent (8): Paul Cox, Angelica Germani, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Jeff Randle, and Daniel Roe.



I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 10 of 19 Present

III. Old Business

a) Honorary Chair Updated

Under the Constitution, the Alliance Council has the right to choose its own Honorary Chairperson for 2017. This decree would name it Brian Schmetzer.

Amendments → Change the section number to just a reference to the Alliance Constitution.

VOTE TO AMEND: 9 for and 0 against. Amendment passes.

Amendments → Add “Honorary” before Chairperson in the final line and specify that he becomes the chairperson “beginning in 2017.” Another councilmember joined the meeting during this discussion.

VOTE TO AMEND: 10 for and 0 against. Amendment passes.

VOTE TO PASS HONORORARY CHAIR STATEMENT, AS AMENDED: 10 for and 0 against. The statement on a new honorary chair passes.



b) Motion by Cameron Collins to have the floor

Cameron would like to recognize Eric Flatness for all his work on the Council and to thank him for it prior to him moving to Thailand later this week. Eric thanks the Council you for all we have done for him, especially Stephanie. Eric is looking forward to the Sounders hosting the Montreal Impact at home in the MLS Cup final.

c) End of the Year Business Meeting

The Council had been trying to get this conversation going for a long time. We talked to the Front Office over and over about it since March or April. They kept saying it was too early. As previously discussed, Kristina Vaughn had a meeting where the Front Office talked about our expectations. After that meeting with KV, the Front Office kept pushing back the conversation. The Front office eventually did not include the Council in the conversation and they planned the meetiing on their own without our input, despite it being our meeting. The Council is concerned that we weren’t involved in the process for our own meeting. The concern from Councilmembers is whether the Alliance Council is respected by the front office or whether Democracy in sports nothing but lip service?


IV. New Business

a) Article 8 & Bylaw 7: First Reading
It was never discussed before that removal of recognition would mean that a supporter group would no longer be recognized by MLS. This language would revert it back to the old language prior to the change. Ultimately, the question is what is the root to a successful passage of this part of the Constitution? Getting something with which all Supporter Groups are happy. Thus, we will be creating a committee with representatives from each supporter group to come up with a new system to make this a non-issue.

Bylaw 7 → Question of whether we want to discuss it as a Council or do we want to let the committee that comes together deal with it. Consensus that we let that committee come up with everything, but we will begin facilitating that conversation.


b) EOTYBM Presentation

Martin’s presentation on the alliance council year was presented to the council.


V. Adjourn

Motion to Adjourn is seconded and passes unanimously.