Statement on Fan Related Complaints


12 September 2017

By Martin Buckley and Stephanie Steiner

“Seattle Sounders FC and Century Link Field are aware of fan-related ingress complaints over the last several matches.  Both sides are working collectively to identify and address these concerns.” – Seattle Sounders FC and CenturyLink Field

5 comments on “Statement on Fan Related Complaints”

  1. A couple games ago I was challenged at the gate because my iPhone 6 Plus phone case was “borderline” for the size of a “wallet.” The case is only fractionally bigger than the phone. I’m all about security and 100% support the clear bag policy, but I have no control over the size of my phone, not to mention my phone is also my ticket! I have since come to games without my phone case, which means my ID and credit cards are loose, a potential issue for loss. Additionally, there was plenty of publicity before the clear bag policy went into effect. The wallet size issue (which is ridiculous anyway if the wallet fits inside the clear bag) was not as well publicized, if at all. I first found out about it at the Ticketmaster fiasco game when the poor woman in front of me had to throw away her wallet.


  2. How about issues with Egress? Getting out of the stadium is downright uncomfortable, and paticularly worrisome to my pregnant wife. I get that they dont want us pouring out of every exit after a game but only being able to leave from a couple exits to the north and south is ridiculous.


  3. How do you file a complaint? I could nor believe what they made me do last game! I followed all rules and they still gave me a hard time and took my cane!


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