Moving to SeatGeek – our notes

7 December 2017

By Karl Picard

Alliance Council have been notified of a few issues with the move to SeatGeek. We spoke with the Front Office and have received additional details around the rollout and the plan for the coming months.

There is a good summary, a walk through video and answers to questions at

  • As announced in September, Sounders FC will be partnering with SeatGeek as their primary ticket partner
  • Since this is a new system, all season ticket members will have to “link” or setup and account with SeatGeek
  • The Sounders legally cannot transfer credit card information to the new system or create passwords for you, so the club cannot do this for you. (This is a good thing!)
  • Those who are on the 50/50 or 6 part payment plan need to link their accounts by Friday, December 29 as the next payment in January will be processed in SeatGeek.
  • Those who are paid in full will link their accounts in January and will have additional communications around that.
  • All members are required to link their accounts and input their credit card information to successfully set up their account for the 2018 season
  • If this is not completed by the deadline, it risks delay in season ticket package and receiving access to digital tickets
  • In terms of ticket delivery methods, you can still access the tickets through the Sounders FC app. The main change you will notice is instead of Ticketmaster Account Manager to print/forward/resell your tickets, you will have SeatGeek Account Manager, with similar and improved functions.

Have questions? Running into issues? First point of contact is to reach out to SeatGeek at 888-444-9028 or email and they will assist you. Your Sounders FC ticket rep is always able to help as well.

Hopefully this helps with the transition to SeatGeek.


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