2018 Meeting Recaps Meetings

Meeting recap: August 2018

Meeting recap August 2019

By: Stephanie Steiner

Tuesday, August 7th was a working meeting, meaning there was no presentation from the front office regarding any aspect of the Club’s business. We dove in by discussing the possible future structure(s) of the Alliance Council representation and how to get more people involved: we hypothesized what might be best if the Alliance were to grow to fifty-thousand members, sixty, seventy, one hundred thousand members?

From there we divided up in pairs and did mini Q&As regarding our personal motivations to get projects moving: why did we join Alliance Council? What motivated us to move things forward? We put all of them up on the glass case to examine our similarities and look for areas that could be addressed with the Club.

Next, we took on our Ten Years of the Alliance project – this year is our anniversary. With few (pretty much zero) resources outside of the room, how can we acknowledge the tenth year of the Alliance? What stories would we like to capture, and how would we like to capture them? I had come into the meeting with a pre-prepared skeleton outline, and the Visibility Group had also made a list – between the two, it’s an extensive idea. While we all are doubtful that we can accomplish all of it, we can see the value to diving in and getting as much captured as possible. Martin Buckley, President, surveyed each individual in the room to ascertain the person’s willingness to write up blog pieces for this project. Every person present agreed to help get the project done.

Lastly, we agreed to take shifts at a table during the Season Ticket Member event on August 19th. The celebration is for full season ticket members and should be a lot of fun. We’ll have a table there where season ticket members can view samples of the 2019 season ticket member scarves that are up for vote to be included in next year’s full season package – hope to see you there!

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