Recognizing Sigi Schmid

Sigi Schmid

He was a man we are lucky to have had in Seattle.

Sigi Schmid, had an ability to look beyond a player’s abilities and see their potential. He gave  them chances. He put his faith in players and he built the foundation of a team with them versus around them. He gave players the opportunity to earn their spot on the field, and lead with a positive attitude in the locker room and in public

His methods gained players’ trust and offered them a level of reassurance as if to say, “Don’t worry. You’ve got this. Try again. Prove everyone saying you can’t, wrong”.  He understood the value of veteran players sharing their experiences and mentoring the rookies. Trust on the pitch isn’t just coach to player but player to player. The team belonged to the team. They were victorious together. They fought, they fell, and they succeeded.

Sigi passed away December 25th 2018 as the most successful coach in MLS history. He left an undeniable mark on US soccer and his legacy goes beyond his statistics. It goes to the heart of every player that he has ever worked with.

In soccer there is often no greater sign of respect to leadership then calling them by the title they have earned or stepped up to the challenge to take.

With this in mind, thank you Coach Schmid.


WHEREAS, Sigi Schmid was the first ever Manager of the MLS Seattle Sounders FC, coaching the Club from 2009 to 2016;

WHEREAS, during his tenure as Manager, the Club compiled a record of 158 wins, 65 draws, and 105 losses, reaching the playoffs in every season he coached;

WHEREAS, during his tenure as Manager, the Club won a Supporters Shield and four U.S. Open Cups;

WHEREAS, during his tenure as manager, Coach Schmid created a culture of winning and family at the Club that survives to this day;

WHEREAS, Coach Schmid is the all-time winningest coach in Major League Soccer history;

WHEREAS, Coach Schmid has been honored by the National Soccer Hall of Fame and the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame;

WHEREAS, it is timely, upon Coach Schmid’s death, to reflect upon his role in transforming the sport that we love;

NOW THEREFORE, the Alliance Council honors Sigi Schmid for all that he has done for the Seattle Sounders FC Club and Community, as well as for soccer in the US. While he will be missed, the mark that he left upon the sport will be felt for generations to come.

Opinion Statement adopted by Alliance Council, 8 January 2019 

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