2019 Meeting Minutes Meetings

Meeting Minutes: January 2019



8 January 2019 – 7.00 pm
The Ninety

Present (15 of 19): Alex Eagleton, Ben Slager, Cameron Collins, Carmen Hall, Chris Urquart, Daniel Roe, Jeff Williams, Jerry Neil, Jesse Kilgore, Kelsey Gallo, Lisa Angeles, Louis Garcia, Martin Buckley, Molly Wagner, Stephanie Steiner

Absent (4): Darla Langdon, Gilbert Ko, Nicholaus Biela, Todd Cowles

Via telephone (0): None

Note: this meeting was re-scheduled, so is not counted for Council attendance.

I. Call to order: Martin Buckley

II. Roll. Jeff Williams: 15 of 19 present.

III. Welcome and introduction: Carmen Hall: She wants to participate in conversations about the experience, and to work with the bylaws and constitution. Welcome to Carmen.

IV. Working session – ideation and prioritization of workgroups for 2019:

Council discussed the priorities the we would like to concentrate in 2019. These areas of focus will be the working groups for 2019:

JERSEYS. Cameron Collins volunteered to head up the jerseys group this year. Past groups have worked with the Front Office and with short notice meetings. He would like to get a little more pro-active and have more influence if possible.

SCARF VOTE. Carmen Hall volunteered to head up the scarf vote this year. We have had successes in the past and would like to continue with the influence we have had. Martin Buckley offered to help with the online and Alliance Council voting piece.

CONCESSIONS. Alex Eagleton is heading up the workgroup, and some priorities are: diversification on beer selection, to work on a better choice of food in the Club area, and affordable meal packages.

INCLUSION. Chris volunteered to lead the workgroup to review and make recommendations on a broad range of inclusion issues such as sitting/standing, people with various disabilities and their matchday experiences, and affordability of the match day.

OUTREACH. Nicholaus Biela volunteered to lead the workgroup to focus on outreach. This will be done in conjunction with Molly Wagner and her focus on communications and social media. The goal is to increase the awareness and visibility of the Alliance Council and how the Council is involved with matters that impact the Alliance.

AWAY TRAVEL EXPERIENCE. Chris Urquart volunteered to lead the workgroup to look into a premium travel opportunity. Alex summarized the work that had been completed in the past – namely that for most away matches tickets are allocated to the various Supporter Groups through the Front Office and there had been little demand for a premium travel offering.

YOUTH OUTREACH. Todd Cowles was nominated to lead this workgroup to link the visibility to Council and maybe include links to new Club activities. Cameron Collins talks about the future and how the youth can contribute to the future.

ALLIANCE COUNCIL FUTURE MODEL. Martin Buckley and Jeff Williams will set up a workgroup to continue to investigate and make recommendations on Alliance Council future state. The workgroup will address questions such as what does the Council look like in 5 years to 10 years from now.

MERCHANDISE AND SIZES. Kelsey Gallo volunteered to lead this workgroup, looking into inclusive sizes and more. The group is exploring what kind of merchandise kids would like. Looking at extended size ranges – we’ve had requests for larger sizes for several years.

PLAYER RECOGNITION. Molly will lead this workgroup to continue the work on player recognition.

Some other ideas discussed but not prioritized include:

  • Survey to promote and find data
  • Create a group meet your neighbor
  • Grass v Turf: energy can be spent better in other areas
  • Ten years of The Alliance: content created from this project in 2018 will be posted to the Alliance Council website and added to over time.

V. Proposed Bylaw 12 – Voting Procedure for Executive Committee: Second Reading. Minor punctuation and typographical improvements were accepted. Section 12.2 – strike “nomination by the nominating committee” replace with “nomination by the election committee.” Unanimous vote for acceptance with changes. This Bylaw is accepted and incorporated into the Alliance Constitution and Bylaws.

VI. Opinion Statement honoring Sigi Schmid: Cameron Collins proposed an Opinion Statement honoring Sigi Schmid. After review and some light editing this was unanimously voted to be accepted. Kelsey Gallo and Molly Wagner volunteered to write additional language to support the Opinion Statement.

VII. Player Recognition:

There was a presentation from Molly Wagner and Kelsey Gallo on creative ideas for a Hall of Fame. The group would want to make a plaque per person that tells the story and playing history. There was a mock-up presented; it was received well as the direction for the presentation.

There was discussion on the nomination and approval process. A nominating committee and screening committee will be set up after the decision on how the members will be selected. It was proposed to create a board would form the selection committee. We want to determine how to accept a nomination and how to vote them in.

Martin Buckley urged that these ideas need to urgently be put in front of the Sounders Front Office to get feedback on whether the project is possible.  The plaque idea is the preferred design; The designs have been drafted but need more work. The workgroup will work over the coming weeks to bring the creative ideas and the process to a single, short presentation that can be used to gather support and gauge interest from the Front Office.

VIII. Other business: Martin Buckley and Stephanie Steiner have a sync call with the Front Office to align these workgroups and projects with the Front Office.

IX. Adjournment: Moved. Seconded. Council votes unanimously to adjourn.

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