2019 Meeting Minutes Meetings

Meeting Minutes: April 2019



2 April 2019 – 7.00 pm

Present (11 of 18): Lisa Angeles, Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Todd Cowles, Alex Eagleton, Carmen Hall, Darla Langdon, Jerry Neil, Ben Slager, Stephanie Steiner, and Chris Urquhart.
Via telephone (1): Daniel Roe.
Absent (6): Nicholaus Biela, Kelsey Gallo, Louis Garcia, Jesse Kilgore, Molly Wagner, and Jeff Williams.

I. Call to order – Martin Buckley

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 11 of 18 Present

III. Update: Player Recognition – Molly Wagner
Tabled until next meeting.

IV. Update: 2021 Jersey Subgroup – Cameron Collins & Stephanie Steiner           
The jersey subgroup met with Taylor Graham, Seattle Sounders Vice President of Operations, to discuss the 2021 kit and adidas’ vision. The subgroup will be providing ideas to the Club on inspirations for the kit. If the larger Council would like to provide feedback, it can be submitted through Cameron or Stephanie.

V. Alliance Council Mission/Vision – Martin Buckley            
Council discussed the Mission Statement created at the March Meeting.  After review, it was adopted unanimously as below:

The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council strives to achieve the best fan experience in North American soccer and to build upon our historical foundation in order to preserve the Club we love.           

We do this by being the voice of the fan and by upholding the principles of Democracy in Sports.

VI. Alliance Council Future Structure – Martin Buckley

Currently, the Council is pretty well distributed throughout the Stadium, more so than the Council has ever been before. The question before the subgroup has been, “how does the Alliance Council work to be representative as the Council grows?” Doing so in a more strategic manner would allow for more information sharing, increased participation, and emphasis of areas of the stadium where representation is lacking. One suggestion to achieve this would be to have the equivalent of “Section Mayors,” where Council Members would represent the section where they sit. This model would allow for “at-large” members, such that there could be more than one representative from a specific section.

The group has also looked at different structures for the Council itself, including quarterly meetings for a larger Council and then monthly meetings for an increased-in-size Executive Committee.

Council will target the summer fan event to grow Alliance Council and get more information to and from the fan base.

VII. Other Business and Open Discussion 

  1. Away Game Travel: Alex Eagleton has continued to look in to the notion of allowing Alliance Members away game travel experiences. He will continue to research the topic.
  2. Inclusion: Chris Urquhart would like the Council to do something surrounding World Autism Awareness Day next year. Council agreed that this would be a great idea.

VIII. Adjournment

Moved. Seconded. Council votes unanimously to adjourn.

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