2019 Meeting Minutes Meetings

Meeting Minutes: March 2019



5 March 2019 – 7.00 pm

Present (15 of 19): Alex Eagleton, Cameron Collins, Carmen Hall, Dan Roe, Lisa Angeles, Louis Garcia, Gilbert Ko, Jeff Williams, Jerry Neil, Kelsey Gallo, Martin Buckley, Nicholaus Biela, Molly Wagner, Stephanie Steiner, Todd Cowles
Absent (2): Ben Slager, Chris Urquart
Via telephone (2): Darla Langdon, Jesse Kilgore

I. Call to order: Martin Buckley

II. Roll. Jeff Williams: 15 of 19 present

III. Working session: Alliance future state

Martin gave an overview of how the council started, numbers of Alliance Members and numbers on Alliance Council. The club goal is “to fill CenturyLink” by mid 2020’s.

The question is how Alliance Council is ready and adapting to this? Martin displayed the situation of where we are today. We created a map on where the current Alliance Council members are situated within the stadium.

We perceive there could be up to 50,000 Alliance Members in the next ten years. We want to be more representative in all aspects; demographics, stadium coverage.

Discussions were centered on several topics.

  • What is the Alliance?
  • are new fans aware of what the Alliance is?
  • are fans aware of the Alliance Council? What the purpose of Alliance Council is?
  • How do you join Alliance Council? What being part of Alliance Council means?

Discussion on Hurdles we are facing.

We have ten years of history and in looking to the future the discussion on what some of the challenges we are facing and how the Alliance and Alliance Council are perceived. We believe that the majority of current Season Ticket members do not have tenure back to 2009 – and we will need to work to educate them on being an Alliance member. We need to have the Season Ticket membership buy into the emotional part of being a fan.

We had a conversation on how we are interacting with the Front Office, positive and negative. One of the pillars of the front office is Community, and the Alliance is a large part of that.

A North Star.

Some workshop and discussion about “what is the Alliance” and “what is the Alliance Council” led to a need for a mission statement, or North Star, for the Alliance Council.

Key themes included:

  • looking forward
  • represent all Alliance members
  • help with the fan experience
  • enrich the fan experience
  • encourage the emotional hook
  • establish pride
  • speak with a unified voice on behalf of the communities we represent.

To help focus on this direction we wrote a draft of the mission statement:

The Alliance Council strives to achieve the best fan experience in North American soccer and to preserve the Club we love.
We accomplish this by being the voice of the fan and upholding the principles of Democracy in Sports.

IV. Other business

The summary of the Player Recognition project will be emailed to the Council for discussion next month.

The value menu did not show well enough and needs to have better placement, this will be passed to the Front Office team.

Adjourn: 8:58 PM

Addendum: Gilbert Ko submitted his resignation, and it was accepted.

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