Alliance Council Democracy in Sports Editorials

Alliance Council Mission Statement

3 May 2019

By Martin Buckley

The Alliance Council has operated since founding under our Charter and our Constitution and Bylaws.

As part of our discussion about the future of Alliance Council – and how to best represent the fans in a full stadium – the 2019 Alliance Council worked during March and April to create a mission statement, or North Star, that works for us today and into the future. Everything we do, every project and working group, should be reviewed through this lens. Are we doing the right thing? Should we place our efforts elsewhere?

Here our guide; our mission statement; our North Star:

The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council strives to achieve the best fan experience in North American soccer and to build upon our historical foundation in order to preserve the Club we love.

We do this by being the voice of the fan and by upholding the principles of Democracy in Sports.

Does this bring clarity on what we do? Would you add anything? Comments below – and if you feel passionately consider joining Alliance Council!

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