2019 Meeting Minutes Meetings

Meeting Minutes: July 2019



July 9th 2019 – 7:00 pm


Present (10 of 18): Alex Eagleton, Cameron Collins, Carmen Hall, Duane Nakamura Jeff Williams, Jerry Neil, Kelsey Gallo, Louis Garcia, Martin Buckley, and Todd Cowles.

Absent (8): Ben Slager, Chris Urquart, Molly Wagner, Daniel Roe, Darla Langdon, Lisa Angeles, Nicolaus Biela, Stephanie Steiner.

Via telephone none

I. Call to order:  Martin Buckley 7:00 PM

II. Roll. Jeff Williams:  10 of 18 present at 7.02pm.

III. Front Office: Renewal, Alliance Fan Appreciation Event
Mikaela Purvis, Director of Membership Engagement and Retention spent time talking about renewals, Season Tickets for 2020 and the Alliance Fan Appreciation event to be held 25 August 2019, noon-3.00pm.

She presented the benefits of being a season ticket holder – or Alliance member – and some of the retention details.

IV. Outreach plan and next steps.
Nicolaus not present – this will be presented at a future meeting.

V. Update: Social media plan and next steps.
Kelsey’s report on Social media engagement – mainly through Twitter and Facebook. Looking for content from other members to get pictures of game day, and how the fan experience is shaping up. Looking to add color for the fan around game day, RAVE Foundation events and fan interaction.
Suggestion to get the food trucks report on a regular basis. Find out who knows the list of trucks that will be present.

VI. Update on Scarf vote.
The Front Office received around 40 submissions; a handful were ineligible.
Council will have a short window during July to reduce this list to a best five. This best five will be sent out for Alliance wide vote.
Note that again we ask the Front Office to plan and engage earlier to make this less rushed.

VII. Summer 2019 survey overview.
Martin sent a survey to all current and prior Alliance Council members that we could contact. Around 90 members provided feedback in the anonymous survey.

Perceptions of the Alliance Council are mixed; and there were some good ideas on being more effective. Perceptions of how “rewarding” Alliance Council is has improved over the past three years.

This is a subject for a future meeting.

VIII. #CallingFowl
The final letter was sent to MLS officials.

There is no response to date – although the Sounders FC Front Office reports that the League has received the letter – and have spoken with the Front Office .

We continue to request a response.

The letter calls out what has been done to promote equality. The social media seems to have a mostly positive response. The letter is posted to the Alliance Council website.

IX. Other business.

In order to streamline communication – and have a single place to communicate – Microsoft Teams will be the one place moving forward. As we move into the new business year in December the Facebook group and Google mail will be archived.
In stadium concessions: Food quality not improved. Alex Eagleton and team will continue to review the concessions, quality and value and report back to council and the Front Office.
Todd Cowles has accepted a role on the board of the RAVE Foundation. We congratulate Todd on this move. Todd will be ending his time with Alliance Council at the end of the business year to focus on the RAVE Foundation.

Meeting with Adrian and ownership: pre-game Wednesday 17 July. This is before the friendly match against Dortmund.

X. Adjourn

Adjourn 8:59 PM


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