2019 Alliance Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: September 2019

Meeting Minutes: September 10th, 2019



Sep 10th 2019 – 7:00 PM

Rave Green Conference Room

Present (14 of 15): Martin Buckley, Stephanie Steiner, Nicholaus Biela, Kelsey Gallo, Jerry Neil, Ben Slager, Jeff Williams, Todd Cowles, Alex EAgleton, Dan Roe, Carmen Hall, Lisa Angeles, Louis Garcia, Duane Nakamura

Absent (1): Cameron Collins

Via telephone none

I. Call to order:  Martin Buckley 7:00 PM

II. Roll. Lisa Angeles:  14 of 15 present at 7.04pm

III. Membership updates

Darla Langdon has asked for Leave of Absence – and will return in December for the new business year.

Chris Urquart and Molly Wagner are deemed to have offered voluntary resignation from Alliance Council by virtue of non-attendance and communication. We thank them for their time and service on Alliance Council

Louis Garcia will be moving away from the area later in the year and will be resigning from Alliance Council at that point. We also thank Louis for his time and service on Alliance Council.

Jeff Williams resigned from the Alliance Council Executive with immediate effect. We thank Jeff for his service as Secretary for this year.

IV. Special Guest: Peter Tomozawa

Peter Tomozawa is part of the the new ownership group at Sounders FC. Peter also joined Sounders FC Front Office as President of Business Operations.

Peter spent over two hours with Alliance Council discussing a wide variety of topics.

Alliance Council thanks Peter for his time – and looks forward to a strong and productive partnership.

V. Adjourn

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

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