Alliance Council Members

Alliance Council Members

Alex Eagleton

Member of Alliance Council since: 2017

Section: 144

I have been a season ticket holder since the inaugural season and have been passionate about the Sounders since first kick. When I was younger, I used to wake up really early in the morning to watch the English Premier League before going out and playing on the torn up grass fields in the area. I believe it was then that I started to love this beautiful game.

I look forward to working on the Alliance Council and helping to make the overall experience better for all of our fans and supporters.

I’m a big fan of tailgating, so chances are you’ll find me barbequing on the grill at various tailgates or at the local bars like King St Bar & Oven and Girin. Please feel free to join me prior to the game!

Ben Slager

Member of Alliance Council since: 2019

Section: 124

Cameron Collins

Member of Alliance Council since: 2013

Section: 236

My first introduction to soccer was playing in youth leagues while growing up in Seattle. As a kid, I attended many Tacoma Stars matches; however, it was not until the 1994 World Cup that I fell madly in love with the sport while attending fat camp in San Diego. Shortly thereafter, I became a Chelsea supporter (when they were still unbearably bad). I became a Sounders fan in the late-90s, while they were competing in the USISL A-League. I am also a supporter of Paris Saint-Germain, having lived in Paris while completing a degree in French and Francophone Studies.

In my everyday life, I am an attorney (focusing on entertainment law and small businesses), college and law professor, film producer, podcaster, radio disc jockey, and small business owner. I am also the Media Director for Gorilla FC. I currently sit on the Board of Directors of both Gorilla FC and One Hundred for Haiti. In 2002, I was voted Silicon Valley’s Best Local Celebrity by readers of the Metro Silicon Valley and in 2010, a film I produced about the theft of our beloved Seattle Supersonics, Sonicsgate, won “Best Sports Film” at the Webby Awards and “Audience Choice Silver Medal for Excellence” at the Park City Film Music Festival.

Currently in my fourth term as a member of the Alliance Council, I joined to lend my expertise in the law and help make the fan experience in the stadium the best that it can be.

Carmen Hall

Member of Alliance Council since: 2019

Section: 135

Growing up in Seattle, I’ve always considered myself a product of the NW soccer culture. I played as a kid, my siblings played, my nephews play, my friends kids play – this is a soccer town and the Sounders have always been a vital part of that identity.

After the Sounders joined MLS I attended single games for a few seasons, finally joining as a season ticket holder in 2014. Over time I added some traveling to away games – Vancouver, Toronto, Portland – and realized just how much this club and its supporters mean to me. That’s when I decided that I wanted to be more involved in any way that I could. I’m excited to help represent the incredible spirit and diversity of our Alliance community and continue to build the soccer experience for everyone. In 2019 I’m looking forward to working on projects reviewing game day accessibility (including the ongoing ’sit vs stand’ conversation), the continued evolution of the Council and its role, and supporting the ongoing opportunities we have to make our voices heard with activities such as the STH Scarf Vote.

I attend games with a group of friends and can generally be found grabbing a drink beforehand somewhere in the stadium area – we’re partial to the fancy ones at the Bar Shoppe when we have time. I’m a member of the Eastside Supporters supporters group, am active on the r/SoundersFC subreddit forum where I participate as cp_trixie, and can be found on Twitter as @ottergal. Here’s to an incredible 2019 and showing this city, and the league, what being a Sounder means.

Daniel Roe

Member of Alliance Council since: 2011

Section: TBD

I am a forensic accountant by day and soccer supporter by night.

I have enjoyed soccer since I was kid playing YMCA indoor soccer. I went to A-League Sounder matches as a kid and followed my Grandfather’s English team, Norwich City.

I have been a MLS Sounders Season Ticket Member since day one and love how the city of Seattle has embraced this team.

I have served on the Alliance Council since 2011. I am the author of the Scarf Competition Resolution that has allowed season ticket members to design and vote on our annual scarf for the past three years. I have also worked with other Council Members to improve the voting platform that is used to elect Council members and other votes.

I am a member of the Sounders Community trust and co-founder of Eastside Supporters.

Darla Langdon

Member of Alliance Council since: 2017

Section: 130

I am a fun-loving soccer fan that loves her family and the people I surround myself with. I do photography on the side from my “real world” job and enjoy spending time with my loved ones, including our pup Audi (yes, as in the car—I’m a German / European car enthusiast).

As far as soccer is concerned, I played as a kid- into jr. high and high school on rec leagues but was really never any good- however I never lost the love for the game so when the Sounders became an MLS team, that seemed like a perfect fit for me to get involved again.

Duane Nakamura

Member of Alliance Council since: 2019

Section: TBD

For me, it all began back in 1974. The youth soccer movement had just started at my school and this coincided perfectly with the inauguration of the Seattle Sounders. I distinctly remember listening to the Sounders games on the radio on summer evenings… the play by play called by Bob Robertson. The Sounders anthem gave me chills then and still does to this day. Since 1974, my dedication and passion for the Sounders has never wavered…through the bad times (the folding of NASL) to the best of times (MLS Cup 2016).

I have also played soccer since my youth and still play in a Friday night co-ed rec league. Additionally, I have coached for over 20 years, from high school teams to premier teams to rec teams.

I am looking forward to becoming more involved with the team and sport that I love. I pledge that I will do my best to help the Alliance and the Sounders FC in any way possible.

Eternal Blue; Forever Green… Sounders ’til I die.

Jerry Neil

Member of Alliance Council since: 2017

Section: GA

This is my second stint on council after taking a year off.

First term on Alliance Council – 2013 – 2016.

I am ready to dive back in and represent all my fellow supporters and Season Ticket Holders so that we can make game days and general happenings of the club even more fan oriented.

Kelsey Gallo

Member of Alliance Council since: 2019

Section: 205

Lisa Angeles

Member of Alliance Council since: 2017

Section: 139

Our beloved SuperSonics were stolen from us officially in 2008. I grew up listening to Kevin Calabro, rarely missing a radio broadcast when the team wasn’t on TV. I still want the Sonics back. Even with all of the anguish I had about being robbed of the Sonics, I was thrilled at the prospect of rooting for another much-loved Seattle team. In 2009, the Sounders MLS run began and I was all in.

I grew up playing soccer. As I got older, I focused on fastpitch and basketball. Although I played other sports, my mom was playing soccer into her 40’s. Many nights were spent playing with a soccer ball on the sidelines during her practices and games. I loved the competitive atmosphere surrounding the women.

Mom and I have been season ticket holders for the Sounders since 2009. We sit in section 139 with two of our friends. I want to improve the experience for fans while on Alliance Council.

Nicholaus Biela

Member of Alliance Council since: 2017

Section: GA

The 1994 World Cup in the USA made me passionate about soccer, but it wasn’t until I moved to Seattle in 2008 that I lived in an area that shared my feelings for the beautiful game.

Thanks to the soccer community here in Seattle, I’ve met lifelong friends and have taken some incredibly epic trips across the world to watch soccer. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in attendance when the USA won the Women’s World Cup, seen the Sounders play at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, and most importantly celebrated with my friends, family and fellow supporters in Toronto as we won our first MLS Cup!

On match day I can typically be found starting my day with fellow Emerald City Supporters at Fuel before the gates open, ultimately ending up in the Brougham End supporting our boys!
Outside of soccer, I play goaltender in the Greater Seattle Hockey League, enjoy going to live concerts, and try to do what I can to make a positive mark in our local community.

Richard Oliver

Member of Alliance Council since: 2019

Section: 236

Scott Chupack

Member of Alliance Council since: 2020

Section: 121

Stephanie Steiner

Member of Alliance Council since: 2013

Section: Red Zone

The first time I was exposed to a hat trick, it was scored by my seven year-old nephew. The first time I saw a supporter group was the same match: the parents had drilled the lids of five-gallon buckets to astro-turf covered planks and made benches out of them. But when the team scored, they leapt up, flipped over the “benches,” and used the five-gallon buckets as drums while they chanted. It was the best thing ever. My niece is still my favorite goal keeper (both kids have since “retired”).

I spend a lot of time thinking about how we’ll build Council and Alliance commitment when things are pretty good – people tend to get active when they are angry, not when they are satisfied. How will we create the desire to build engagement for future generations?

I am a sales and marketing executive in the food business. My focus is connecting people with the things that matter most to them, and creating an experience that they enjoy and appreciate. I ask a ton of questions, listen to many people from lots of backgrounds and perspectives, and I really love finding solutions for people. My experience spans very small-scale operations and many billions of dollars, national players, a locally owned co-op, and an iconic family-owned business. All of this perspective helps with the diverse opinions and desires of our Alliance Members.

Tim Hamilton

Member of Alliance Council since: 2020

Section: 107

Husband, Father, Spirit Guide, Soccer Enthusiast and teller of Bad Dad jokes. Creator/Director of #breakfastwithsylvie also co-host of @FloundersBTeam podcast.

I’m just a soccer super fan. I was the guy that had his gloves, shoes and every colored shirt in his car in the event a match broke out. Indoor outdoor 7 days a week and twice on Sundays. Now in my mid 40’s I still play/manage one of the ECSFC teams on Sundays.

Why did I join Alliance Council? I want to do whatever I can to share my creativity and enthusiasm with others and hope to make SSFC matches the hottest ticket in town. I want to create memories for friends and families across the PNW and beyond.