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Press Release – Democracy in Sports in Action

“Democracy in Sports in action”

6 July 2017 – Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council today announced an Alliance Wide Vote to ratify an updated Alliance Constitution – demonstrating once again a joint commitment with Seattle Sounders FC to fully embrace Democracy in Sports.

One major addition to the Alliance Constitution sets out the processes and procedures for an Alliance wide Vote of Confidence or a Recall Vote for the Sounders FC General Manager. Seattle Sounders fans have a unique role in US sports in being able to give a Vote of Confidence in their General Manager every four years.

“We are proud that every fan has had a voice through the Alliance since the very beginning of the club,” said Seattle Sounders FC Owner Adrian Hanauer, “The Alliance participation in a general manager vote is unique to the Seattle Sounders and represents Democracy in Sports in action.”

“Getting to this point is a milestone,” said Stephanie Steiner, Alliance Council President, “working with the club over many months to build this framework means that Sounders fans will be able to express their voice for many years ahead.”

Seattle Sounders FC season ticket holders are automatically members of the Alliance and can find more details on this vote at

The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance was established in 2008 to deliver on the promise of minority owner Drew Carey to involve fans in the decision-making process of the team. A key tenet of Democracy in Sports is The Alliance giving a voice to fans on matters that impact fan experience. The Alliance Council is the executive and decision making body for The Alliance, members are elected by fans themselves.

Press contacts:

Stephanie Steiner – President, Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council

Martin Buckley – Vice President, Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council


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2017 Initiatives and Programs

Sounders FC Alliance Council 2017 Initiatives
Last updated: 3 June 2017

By Martin Buckley and Stephanie Steiner

This is our working list of initiatives and projects that Alliance Council is working on.
As we complete activities – they will be marked with green and strike-through text.

New activities since the previous update will be marked NEW

As an Alliance member – if you have input, want to get involved or want to see us do more – why not join us!

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Alliance Voting

1 June 2017

By Martin Buckley

Today we announced changes to how votes are counted for Alliance Council. This is at the heart of what we mean by Democracy in Sports.

As an Alliance Member – voting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to participate in Democracy in Sports.

Before you start you will need:

  • Your Alliance Membership Number – also known as your Season Ticket Account Number.
  • Email address connected with this Alliance Membership.

Note: your Alliance Membership number or Season Ticket Account number is in the SoundersFC App under MatchPass, on your printed MatchPass or contact your Ticket Rep.

Voting is hosted and managed through The Club. In order to vote first go to the voting site. You can access this directly at or by navigating through the Sounders FC website. Supporters – Democracy In Sports – Nominate and Vote.

Note: the Login/Sign up button on the front page of Sounders FC website is for the MLS affiliated website – it’s worth doing – but won’t help you with nomination or voting.

Once at the Nomination and Voting page you will need to login. This is where your email address associated with your Alliance Membership or Season Ticket is required. You will also need your Account Number.

You will see a list of Available Ballots. This is where all election and votes will be listed – including GM Vote Of Confidence, Alliance Council elections, Constitution Ratification etc.

To vote on the Alliance Constitution – click on Vote Now under “Alliance Constitution Ratification Vote” – review the ballot options, Vote and confirm your selection.

To vote for Alliance Council nominees – click Vote Now. Review the list of Alliance Council nominees, read their bios, talk to them at a game – and then click Choose to vote. Simple.


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Alliance Voting – one season ticket, one vote

1 June 2017

By Martin Buckley

Democracy In Sports is at the heart of why The Alliance and The Alliance Council exist. Voting on Alliance issues and electing your fan representatives to the Alliance Council are the most visible ways you can be involved and let your voice be heard.

Today we made some changes in partnership with The Club to further support these goals. With immediate effect each Season Ticket will represent one vote.

If you have multiple season tickets – Alliance Memberships – then they will all be counted as an aggregate or weighted vote. If you nominate your season tickets – then the nominee can vote, using one of your votes. An aggregate or weighted vote is used once – so you can not use one vote for Candidate A and one vote for Candidate B – all of your votes are placed for the selected choice.

Let’s consider a group of friends – Zach, Chad, Cristian and Stef – and some real-world scenarios that you may be familiar with:

  • Zach has one season ticket.
    • Zach has one vote.
  • Zach has two season tickets – and the second season ticket is not allocated.
    • Zach has an an aggregate of two votes.
  • Zach has two season tickets. Zach has allocated one season ticket to Chad.
    • Zach has one vote. Chad has one vote.
  • Zach has four season tickets, one season ticket is allocated to Chad, the remaining two are not allocated.
    • Zach has an aggregate of three votes. Chad has one vote.
  • Zach has four season tickets, one season ticket each is allocated to Chad, Cristian and Stef.
    • Zach, Chad, Cristian and Stef all have one vote.

Note: Chad, Cristian and Stef must have email addresses set in order to vote. Make sure you do this.

In addition here is updated guidance on how to stand for Alliance Council and how to use your vote.

Please consider standing – we have a list of projects and programs we need help with. Also please vote! You make a difference – and your voice needs to be heard.

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Counting down to 2018 – Ten Years of The Alliance

19 May 2017

By Martin Buckley

Our Sounders FC Alliance crest tells the story – Established in 2008. That means we are counting down to Ten Years of The Alliance, Ten Years of Democracy in Sports, Ten Years of fans, The Alliance having a voice in how our Club is run.

As part of this countdown Roberta King and others will be curating a series of short articles and posts which tell some of the story of The Alliance. Some are well known, some have already faded into our collective memories. We hope to bring them back for you to enjoy over the coming months.

Why not share some of your memories below. What would you like to see again?

The full series of articles can be found here: