Standing for Alliance Council

How Do I Become A Member Of Council?

You are elected to Council by other Alliance members. Council members need 25 votes from other Alliance members in order to sit on Council.

How Does The Council Voting Process Work?

Only Alliance members may vote for prospective Council members.

Members wishing to run for Council will nominate themselves to Sounders FC via the Club’s online form at – note you will need to have your Season Ticket details to hand.

25 votes must be received for the prospective Council member to be elected to Council.

Candidates who receive their 25th vote on or before May 31st of the Council year will become active Council members immediately. Candidates who receive their 25th vote on June 1st or later will begin their term in the following Council year. The Council year runs from December to November.

This series of articles from June 2017 describes the changes to vote allocation, and details on nomination and how to vote.

Are There Other Requirements To Serve On Council?

Council members need to be committed to the Council duties and meetings. Council members meet in the Pioneer Square area on the first Tuesday evening of each month, plus two or three meetings with owners, and the annual business meeting around season-end. Council responsibilities typically require fifteen minutes to two hours of focus and attention between meetings each month.

Council member tasks typically involve creating web posts, blogging, social media posts, typing notes, emails, posting surveys, telephone communication, budgeting, marketing, and contest management. Being a Council member does not require a lot of work, but it does require good time management and integrity. There will be situations where discretion and confidentiality are required for the collaborative process to work.