Alliance Council Executive – comments on Sounders FC and CenturyLink Field statement


12 September 2017

By Martin Buckley and Stephanie Steiner

Alliance Council have been working directly with the Sounders FC around the entire fan experience since before the first game of the season.

The multiple changes for entry to CenturyLink Field, the move to clear bags and limits on sizes of purses have presented many challenges. We continue to present our experiences and concerns to the Club – and encourage all fans to report issues as they occur. Please stay in touch with your ticket representatives and provide details of any concerns or issues (time, gate, person’s name if possible).

We are fans too. We enter the stadium through the same gates and experience the same security teams. During the season we have seen a repeated lack of consistency in the application of gate policy. As stewards of the fan experience we have collected this repeatedly and brought it to the Club.

This past weekend many of our fans reported a range of unsatisfactory experiences. Yes we listened, yes we flagged these immediately post game with our Front  Office representatives.

As fans we won’t see the inner workings of the Club. This is similar to an iceberg. We see the ten percent above the waterline.

The joint statement from the Sounders FC and CenturyLink Field is much like this. Weas fans, as Alliance Council – are not privy to the internal conversations and activities of the Club. I can imagine there were meetings across different groups – and these are likely sensitive.

What we do know is that the Club is listening to us all – Alliance Council, Supporter Groups, and every individual fan who provides feedback. We expect our Club to always celebrate and support the diversity of the fans and our broader community.

What we expect from our Club and the stadium at this time is inclusive, welcoming and consistent treatment for every fan. At the gates. Inside the stadium. Every time.

7 comments on “Alliance Council Executive – comments on Sounders FC and CenturyLink Field statement”

  1. My issue is I have a pacemaker and can’t go through the metal detectors. I need to have a pat down. Every match it’s a hassle trying to get through the gate. I go to the same place every time and every time someone different has no idea what to do. Frustrating when you go where your told and they have no clue what to do.?


    1. Peter, have you tried going around to the stroller/wheelchair entrance? They might be better.

      It’s at the SW entrance. Just north of the suite lines (behind the big rock) you can walk directly up to the fence and someone will let you in and then wand you.

      It works for wheelchairs and strollers but maybe your medical issue will count?


  2. My friend was told her wallet was too large-by less than 1″. And she was insulted by the staff member so she left, missing the game. She is a season ticket holder but is considering whether these experiences have become so unpleasant that it’s not worth going anymore. It is difficult to recover goodwill once lost. The excitement of the game does not erase the bad feelings. The size of “purse-wallet-clutch” policy is stupid. To spend time and money and feel angry and insulted is a lose-lose “game”.
    Personally, the staff person was only rude, wasn’t I lucky? Still that’s what I went away with-not the event.


  3. It’s gotten to the point where security is more concerned about the size of a purse/clutch than what is actually inside it. I’ve been hassled multiple times over one that is exactly the dimensions allowed and is only large enough to hold a cellphone, car key and bus pass.


  4. no north exit after games is a joke. its open before games. it forces everyone to crowd to the west then fight thru stacked fencing and a narrow path to go north. the police are smart enough to not allow parking on 2nd to assist with traffic flow, why cant clink follow suit with flow out of the stadium


  5. These regulations are not for our safety these are for release of liability for Century Link. I understand the clear bag however a women’s wallet that is the same size as a man wallet unfolded it no security issue if the man can go through with the wallet that simple folds a women should be able to go in with a flat wallet. These people at the gate are always RUDE and INCONSITANT with this policy. We need new professional staff at the gate and CLEAR AND EQUAL standards. The lady in front of me was allowed access because she said she had medicine in her bag they didn’t even look an I was told no for my wallet that was 1/2 over the little black box. They have gone way too far.


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